How Ryan Came to Be My Primary Suspect

ryan hillega

I had to watch Making A Murderer twice before zeroing in on a particular person.  I figured it out when I realized Ryan Hillegas was lying about the username. He slipped up. He said something like “I made up a username that worked”. It was all over after that because I knew he was lying. Any ole username isn’t just going to work. It can only be one user name. So I started thinking about, “Well, what if he had had the logins all along”. Then it was like “holy shit” he knew where she was every minute of almost every day practically and this had probably been going on for years.

But there was one last problem I simply couldn’t figure out, and that was the blood. If the blood had come from the the vial from 1985 held in the evidence room at the sheriff’s office, that would almost have to mean a sheriff, more than one sheriff, maybe the entire sheriff’s department took out Teresa Halbach, and then planted evidence to make it look like Steven Avery did it.

But that didn’t make much sense exactly for the reason Kenny Petersen said.  Why not just kill Steven Avery?  That would be a whole lot simpler.

But I kept going back to that damn blood!  Then it finally hit me when I started looking at Ryan Hillegas, and discovered he had worked as an RN at the time.  If so, maybe he could have had access to a vial of Steven Avery’s blood.  If so, this would have solved a lot of problems in understanding how the murder of Teresa Halbach and it’s aftermath took place.

There was one final piece though. It had only barely registered that Teresa had been out to the property many, many times. Before I had this fact squarely in my head, the thing that bothered me was the fact that the crime seemed too well planned for it to be more or less spur of the moment. I guess it could have been, but that part didn’t seem to fit nicely. But when I realized Teresa had been out there something like 12 times, I realized that Ryan had months and months to plan this whole thing. He knew she’d eventually be out there again, and as long as he had access to private information, he could just wait for the right time. Then I was like damn, I gotta tell the world before people start showing up in Wisconsin with pitchforks and lord knows what all, lol! Everything PERFECTLY fit once I started looking very closely at Ryan Hillegas.



  • No idea if this helps, but a link I found which includes Ryan Hillegas. If you read into it, it explains about a motion to purchase a INR machine, which means they can perform blood tests at home.

    If the link doesn’t work, google Board of Health Minutes Ryan Hillegas. It’s the July 2005 one.,d.dGo

  • Lisa Tarleton-clevenger

    Me too from the moment I seen it. I also think brother helped him. In her video she said she loves her sisters no mention of a brother.

  • The blood was at the police station.

  • Or Bobby's time line revealed the bus driver's to be false? In any case, if you're going to suspect Bobby or Scott Tadych, you may as well suspect Steven Avery. In fact he is much more likely to have committed this crime than the ones you mention.

  • Don't forget about Bobby, and his friend, who were also friends with Ryan. They were each others alibis. No one else saw them. And Bobby testified that he left to go hunting while she was still there. Also talked about watching her through the window. I bet Bobby knows what happened. Also the school bus drivers time line revealed Bobbys to be false.

  • You don't need to believe the police killed Halbach to think they planted the blood. Nor do you need to impute any particular cleverness to anyone in order to think they [the killer] planted evidence on Avery's property on purpose.

    I would be a perfectly reasonable for anyone to assume that if evidence of something nefarious were found on the Avery property, that police would look long and hard at Steve Avery before looking at anyone else. If they couldn't really have expected the police to plant evidence, they could certainly have hoped.

    So Hillegas is looking for a way to dispatch Halbach and hears she's going to Avery's property. It's a golden chance. He goes there, and once she has done her business, kills her, plants her car, erases the voice mails, and starts the search just like he would if he hadn't killed her.

    The police look at Avery first, which is natural, but are so convinced he's evil and that he did it that they take steps to frame him and make sure it sticks.

    • This sounds very plausible

    • I completely agree. The 2 are totally unrelated. If someone wanted to kill Teresa–and we can infer someone did, since this was not an accidental killing–they just watched every news show and radio station in that region, for the last week or longer, go crazy covering the lawsuit by this guy, Steven Avery. Avery was from a family with intelligence issues, histories of petty crime, and who were pretty much disliked by everyone. Now he was deposing cop after cop after judge for a lawsuit that could net him $36,000,000 and bankrupt their county. They knew the police hated this guy. So if they then found out that Teresa was going to be on the Avery lot, it’s fair to assume that sooner or later they would get the idea that the police would blame Steven Avery if she were to disappear following that visit. 2 birds with 1 stone. Knock off Teresa (the ex who dumped you, or the sister who you resented for years. One or the other. Because this was a rage or passion killing–these are only done by people who know the victim very well, not strangers or business acquaintances.

      All they had to do is meet up with Teresa as she leaves the Avery lot. As the former FBI man said about Ed Edwards, she recognized the murderer, pulls her car over, and rolls down her window. He steps up and pulls a .22 handgun, shoots her in the head. .22 caliber bullets generally don’t exit the skull, they ricochet around the brain. (A .22 rifle would work as well if Teresa were out of her car, say meeting the murderer somewhere rural. The murderer puts her in the back of her RAV 4, where she transfers blood and hair markings to the car. They need only hide the car at this time. They can return to town, organize a phony hacking party to break into her message account, then delete any messages from them that show they were fighting, or that the murderer knew she’d be at the Avery’s. Then start telling the media that the one thing everyone knows for sure from her messages is that she was alive when she went to her appointment with Steven Avery. And this is what the police will think as well. When the murderer plants the car in the salvage yard after news shows report the Avery’s are gone to their cabin, the police have no reason not to believe they have the car hidden there by Avery…it’s what they want to believe. The best way to lie to a person is to tell them what they want to hear. This scenario explains why the car was wiped clean of fingerprints and other DNA except for what the police planted of Steven’s, and that of Teresa’s body bleeding as she died. It was strange to find blood without fingerprints but this explains that perfectly. And whichever of the 2 murdered her, they gave the police the valet key, which the police planted after scrubbing clean and putting Steve’s blood on it. The murderer could freely give the police this key without implicating themselves, but not her full set. This key was probably in her home. Hillegas or the brother has from the 31st of October until the 3d of November to remove Teresa’s body from the RAV 4, and decide to burn it to destroy any DNA present. It would burn for a day, then cool. Then Hillegas (or the brother) has another day or 2 to sneak onto the Avery property (in the dark of night–they are gone and there are no streetlights there at all, out in the country. But they don’t know which home is Steven’s esp in the dark of night. When planting and finding the RAV 4, they probably scoped out a suitable place or 3 to plant the bones, but that’s what destroyed the value of bone evidence in this case. Experts testified the bones had been moved, perhaps from the quarry? No killer places them in 3 separate locations to hide them from police. Steven would have no motive for spreading them about–but a murderer trying to frame Steven would have every reason to divide them–increasing the chance police would stumble upon them.