I Now Strongly Suspect Mike Halbach Too

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For a very long time, I have resisted the, at times, very strong urge to write much about Mike Halbach because the idea of him being involved in his sister Teresa’s death seemed much too gut-wrenchingly wretched to seriously consider.  And it also seemed more than a bit improbable.  Sorrorocide is rather uncommon, and, given that Teresa had already left the nest and was living on her own, it’s very difficult to fathom what motive her brother Mike might have had to kill her.

Nonetheless, many have noted the way Mike Halbach acted after Teresa’s death didn’t seem to be at all appropriate.  He never shows his emotions, at least on camera, and seems to welcome their presence if it might give him yet another opportunity to make baleful pronouncements about Steven Avery’s guilt.

In one widely circulated clip shot only a few days after Teresa has gone missing, and therefore, of course, before it is officially known that Teresa has met a gruesome end, Mike is shown already musing, with his customary teutonic sangfroid, about the grieving process.  He says that he is unsure whether the process might last days, or weeks!


In another video taken the day of the search for Teresa on the 5th of November, Mike is briefly interviewed and states that he doesn’t know what to expect. And once again, a smile plays across his lips.

Funny to think how camera shy Mike Halbach has been lately.



  • Additionally, I do not see him smiling …Just a stoic in control Man.

  • I know a lot of you thought it was Mike for a long time. But please know how foreign it is being in front of large camera/media crew if not a PRO. Politicians and actors are trained by the best. I was a former model, have dated the most famous & also been stalked by camera crew/tv show (they thought I was different look a like girl, not there for me) and I can still tell you I would be SO nervous in front of TV cameras. Maybe even FROZEN. I have no idea how these people handle it. Like I said a long time ago on this blog we all act weird when nervous. When an NYPD SGT friend told me a mutual friend died I smiled. He said (jokingly) “You are laughing you did it!” I just could not control my response. I was in shock and sad & have no idea why I smiled. I also at other times yawn a great deal when I am nervous. The body does *involuntary* things. I hate to say this to all you amateur sleuths but it does not matter who killed her (tragically) b/c the town CANNOT afford to give S.A. the 36 mil. So it is DONE. DONE.

  • No doubt. That was part of what i considered, too. Good call on writing about it.

  • I suspeccted him from the very moment i observed his odd behavior.

    • Today it went to a whole new level for me though. I remember when I heard about my sister having passed when she was about the same age as Teresa. I didn’t smile for months and months, and I wouldn’t have been able to function for a long time if I’d been told that her charred bones had been found somewhere…certainly not talk and smile before news cameras and say that I hope the bones the found were hers.