Is Ryan Hillegas The Killer?

Ryan Hillegas
Ryan Hillegas — Case Solved?

DISCLAIMER — I wrote these posts on the brink of exhaustion, hardly having slept since watching Making A Murderer as soon as it came out.  This is a stream-of-consciousness purge, at the moment, more than anything else.
After the just the first viewing I was mainly puzzled by whether members of law enforcement, or even law enforcement agencies in and surrounding Manitowoc County, Wisconsin were in on a frame of Steven Avery from the beginning.

But there were a lot of problems with this notion, despite it being the one essentially used by defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.  Teresa Halbach’s bones found in the backyard of Steven Avery’s residence, along with the green 1999 Toyota RAV4 found in the salvage yard should have been more than enough evidence to convict Avery without having to concoct a wild theory about the victim being brought into the house, and then raped, and tortured by two people, no less.

But that is exactly the theory that the prosecution put forth, that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey committed a gruesome, bloody, horrific crime in the bedroom and the garage despite there being no physical evidence whatsoever to support this theory.  One must ask, if it was a coverup, why members of law enforcement would have complicated something that was fairly straightforward?

I should also hasten to add, anyone who might still believe that law enforcement actually murdered Teresa Halbach,  that what Kenny Peterson’s comment that Dean Strang jumped on, (“It would have been easier to kill Steven Avery…” coarse as it was, makes perfect sense.  Why kill an innocent young woman and attempt, very badly, I might add, to pin the crime on someone else when it would have been much easier to simply kill Steven Avery if they were going to go to such lengths?

One got the impression, too, from watching Making A Murderer that the vial of blood in police evidence was the source of Steven Avery’s blood in the RAV4.  But again, having gone to such lengths, it would make no sense for whoever might have done such a thing to return the vial of blood which, if later found, would only serve to raise suspicions.

After viewing the series a second time, and focusing on key parts, I started to heavily suspect one of the bit players in the drama: Ryan Hillegas.  My thinking went like this: If Hillegas had access to Teresa Halbach’s computer — phone records, emails, EVERYTHING, he very easily could have know where she would be and when. What better suspect? And what about the fact that he was snooping on her in the first place?   That could only mean that there were lingering, yet unresolved feelings of hurt, and very likely jealously and rage.

And if, after the breakup, Teresa had moved on, she probably would have started dating other men.  So, if Ryan Hillegas was still spying on her, all of his feelings of anger and rejection would have been further stoked by being privy to all of the details of her private such as may be inferred by phone records and emails.  Every time she got a call from a new lover, Ryan Hillegas knew about it. If Teresa’s lover(s) sent pictures, described their romance in emails, intimate details of their sex life, or, even, God forbid all of the things she disliked about Ryan, Ryan Hillegas would have been going out of his mind.

If Ryan was spying on Teresa in such a manner, he would have been hoist by his petard.

Did Ryan Hillegas murder Teresa Halbach? In coming posts, I’m going to attempt to make a convincing case as to why he should have been more of a suspect all along.  As things occurred way back in 2005, he was never asked for so much as an alibi for the time period it is believed that Teresa went missing.

So let’s have a closer look at Ryan Hillegas, shall we?





  • Daniel, Is there a way that I can delete my post on here ?

  • I would like to point out that Teresa would be going to this Halloween party with a new guy friend Bradley and MH is the one who made a point to tell this to RH and believe he knew this would Make RH furious. It made RH obsessed with it before he even got there. It was said that Bradley was confronted by RH with aggression and RH called him out and wanted to fight him. Actually his anger was really aimed toward Teresa as though Teresa was cheating on him. This of course wouldn’t be true, but not in his head in wouldn’t be. I think RH was so jealous and in a rage to the point of out of control that when he found the perfect moment he killed her and followed his plan of the cover up as scripted. I believe Rh called Teresa’s phone making horrible accusations and threats to her and she ignored them. He had ways of finding her schedule (Sun. visit) for Mon. and she switch the appts. around to avoid RH since it was clear he was outraged the night before at the party, he was harassing her and continued the insane phone calls until the very end on Oct. 31st. After he killed her he had to erase those messages because that would make him a #1 suspect if they were to find them. I believed he had help and remember that RH could only get the call logs, not the voicemails. That is where MH comes in because he could and did have them, which could have erased them for RH. This may be way out there for some, but this is where we place our thoughts.

  • The ex was my 1st suspect–the thing always missing in the Avery case is motive for either defendant. Steven has no motive. The crap about him drawing a torture chamber in prison was just the story of a cellmate–these stories are so unreliable, competent prosecutors never use them anymore–prisoners will say anything to get a better deal behind bars. So really, Steven had no motive. He never committed sexual assaults before and is 43–too late to start. Brendan was a virgin who wanted a girlfriend and was on a diet to get one–not exactly your typical rapist. The bf and brother did every “guilty” thing in this case–hacked her message account the first night she was gone, before even talking to police. Deleted messages (sign of guilt if ever there was one!), gave a camera to the one searcher (Pam Sturm) sent to the Avery’s–with a map–so she found the car asap. Gave inconsistent statements that did not match the roommate’s facts. The brother told the media he just wanted to “mourn Teresa”–before her car was found! Exactly what Scott Peterson said the day after he killed his wife and disposed of her body, btw. Then, Teresa’s brother said that people should remember that her phone messages tell us she was alive until she went to her 3d appointment (which was Steve Avery–already setting up the Avery frame before the car was even located.) And he spoke of wanting to find the car…then added “find Teresa” and “of course the family wants Teresa back with them” in those words or similar–Teresa was an afterthought in that interview. Very telling.

    So I am more convinced of the brother’s guilt…but have even wondered if there was something between the 2 of them….either killing her together (or more between them….?) Either Ryan or the brother or the two together are the only choices that make sense when you examine all evidence in the case and why it could exist. They explain every last piece from phone records to car to bones to testimony, media reports and interviews, timing–it all.

    It was clear the cops would point any blame at Avery–all week the news and local radio were full of reports of Avery’s lawsuit against the county. $36,000,000 was mentioned everywhere. It’s a max figure, without basis, but it’s all anyone had. There was anger that their county may be bankrupted, jealousy over an Avery getting a windfall. Perhaps disbelief he was innocent because they don’t understand DNA science. The people in that county hated Steven. And they knew the police would blame Avery for anything.

    The brother and/or bf found out from her messages or herself that she was going to the Avery lot…(the bf may have been jealous picturing Steven as a multi-millionaire.) A perfect time to kill Teresa and frame Avery. Catch her after she leaves the Avery’s, kill her, put her in the back of her car, take her somewhere (quarry?) to burn her (this took a few days because it’s not so easy, so there was a lapse between car planting and first discovery in the burn pits–ever wonder why bones in all 3 burn sites? Because they did not know which house was Steven’s and they heard about a bonfire on Halloween, but did not know which place. So to make sure police found bones at the Avery’s they planted them on all burn sites on the land! And now we learn there was a burn site at the quarry….perhaps where the deed was done by the real killers?

    They were in a perfect position to furnish the valet key to the police. (But not the real keys–those would indicate guilt in her disappearance. They needed the key from her home…which the brother and the ex could access.) Then the Manitowoc dirty cops planted it as we know from photos and testimony of Calumet cops who say they saw the spot for days with no key then voila! Key! It was not stuck between table and wall–as the photo shows there were inches of space, and the key did not fall down the back–it was NEXT TO the table….it would have needed to pass through wood out the side…magical key. Either cops or ex planted blood from Steven–after scrubbing it clean of the brother and ex’s blood–again a skewed job of planting evidence on top of a scrubbed surface because the murderer’s DNA had been there!

    Throughout the case, these signs of planted evidence were ignored by judge and jury. But logic requires us not to ignore them–because there are no other explanations for them! (Another sign of planting is the presence of bones in 3 spots on the Avery property, none of which were large or hot enough to cremate a body. The only reason for this is–in light of the expert testimony that the bones had been moved from the original burn site–that the murderer did not know which home was Steven’s and wanted to be sure police found bones at Steven’s house/burn pit. I wonder in the local news reported that Steven had a bonfire the night of the 31st? So the body was burned and ashes placed there…whichever house was his…. Proving as well that the murderer was NOT a family member. Family could have identified Steven’s burn pit.)

    They left the car at the lot when news shows reported the Averys were up at their cabin, but before police had set-up any real operation…they wiped down the car to get rid of their own DNA…and either they or the police planted Steven’s blood on clean panels….nonsensical. But the hatred for Steven ran so high, they did not care for details. The brother could get the valet key for police–and you will notice that the brother and ex never speak of working or talking to Calumet cops, but just the guys who got their depositions taken that week! They knew these were the dirty cops who would do anything to get Steven Avery!

  • Is there a method to cremate bodies at the Hospital Hillegas works at. I imagine a fire to burn a body to the degree it appear TH was needs to be very hot, hotter I assume than a bonfire. Anyone know the answer to the temperature issue and or the hospitals availability of a crematorium?

    What’s up with MH seemingly protecting this guy?

    Oh and Strum God guided you and you happen to have a camera and the direct line to the sheriff from RH. This is nuts.

    • There very likely could be such an oven, but such ovens don’t leave bone fragments as big as the ones we see with Teresa Halbach’s remains.

      • The process of a cremation and a crematorium WARNING VERY GRAPHIC it does leave the bones. I wanted you to see this first. It looks exactly like the bones in the box of Teresa Hallbach, then after they are ground into ashes… Please do not be offended… I just want others to know this information… Don’t share if you feel personally it is inappropriate.

        Kind Regards…

    • 1600 degrees F for app. 90 minutes to cremate a body (as in a commercial cremation) as per the trial evidence….

  • Starting to feel the pressure, Ryan? All I need is a solid alibi, Ryan, and a few other question answered. Your attempt to discredit me and this blog isn't working, and if you killed Teresa Halbach, it's only a matter of time before it becomes pretty obvious with or without me. I don't doubt that you loved her. Breakups are very difficult for everyone. You were angry, and that is why you chopped up into tiny many pieces, and why you burned her. Only killers who know the victim as a former lover use this level of violence because it's so personal. It's about your ego, about shame, about getting dumped and humiliated. It was about you regaining control. These are themes that have played out over all of human history, and have nothing to do with a conspiracy. Yes, Ryan, it was you. Admit it.

    • Exactly! This was left out of the case throughout and yet according to FBI profilers it’s one of the most important factors in finding out who killed a person. This was what they call a passion killing. Up close and personal, where the victim knows she is being killed by this person who once loved her. The murderer touching the victim. It’s virtually always a lover (past or present), family member, or close friend. Steven Avery was not that close–he was a business acquaintance–I can’t think of any case where a business acquaintance killed someone. And Brendan did not even know her at all. Neither guy had a record of sexual assault or violence toward anyone. And there is no hard evidence against either that cannot b e questioned as illogical. No evidence against Brendan at all outside of his false confessions…contradictory, inconsistent and absurd much of the time. Yet, during the trial, the prosecutor was allowed to escape scrutiny of his claims–usually by inflaming passions of the public through unsupported allegations of rape, and stories of stabbing, slashing the victim’s throat, and rape–no evidence of this, and inconsistent with a stranger and a business acquaintance. The prosecutor fantasized an entire slasher/rape movie in his head and cast 2 guys with IQs of about 70 in it. Makes them criminal masterminds in spite of evidence to the contrary. And the media in that region gave him a free pass to ruin their lives–and let an extremely dangerous and sick individual roam free for over 10 years now….

      • In psychology what Kratz did is called ‘projection’ — what his mind imagined (or really Weigart and Fassbender) and pushed onto another party. As we learn later, he was a misogynist pig.

        • I agree. Kratz is a very troubled man. Highly dishonest, highly unethical. He’s also very intelligent, and for awhile, he had a lot of power. If he hadn’t been stopped early on in his sexual exploits, he would have learned from his early errors, and his behavior would have increased in frequency and severity. I should also like to observer that he blamed everything on an addiction to prescription pills. He basically never took responsibility.




  • Maybe Ryan read/heard messages from S.A on Teresas mobile, and given the situation that Avery was eventually becoming a rich person (the lawsuit). Ryan propably couldn´t handle that his ex girlfriend was having contact with a man (S.A) that I guess Ryan felt he was much better than a "car salvage man", who had a reputation of being a "weirdo". Maybe Teresa knew that Avery in the near future could be a very rich man and perhaps played along a bit with averys flirting. For Ryan this could have been difficult to handle. So if he still had feelings for Teresa, he might been so frustrated of the risk losing her to Avery that he killed her in a moment of rage, but it´s still a bit strange, and would he be so smart that he could pull it off? and secondly not be seen by anyone dumping bones in the backyard of Averys trailer, but on the otherhand he had access to the area even when te police was there if I recall right. (English isn´t my first language so my text is not the best english)

    Regards from Sweden

    • I have had exactly these thoughts about the ex, Rayan. HYe may have killed her immediately after she left the Avery property–we know he was following her messages and someone sent her messages she refused to take or called her and she wouldn’t answer in front of others…. He may have killed her, put her body in the back of her car, and hidden it that evening. Then, he pretended to look for her with her brother (or her brother did this or even together–it comes out the same. The hacked her account (before that night I am sure) deleted incriminating messages. Then they had days to plan an M.O. to frame Avery. They knew DNA would not implicate Steven, so they had to burn her body to destroy DNA (the ex could have raped her as well). They knew bones could implicate Avery so they had to burn her–and they had from 10/31 through 11/3 to do this before she had to be out of the car so they could plant it at the salvage yard. Plenty of time. And it was another couple of days before the search of the lot was up and running. That is nearly a week! A nursing student would have access to info on cremation, DNA, etc.

      All the evidence in the case that actually incriminates anyone had a nexus with these 2 guys. Finding the car (which had had the body in it), her messages (so we know where she was and when–up until Avery’s, at which point they stop–and her brother wants us to note we know she was alive when she visited Avery and we have no evidence she was after that–but they deleted messages!) They could access her home…to get the valet key later planted… A young man could sneak on property already scoped out during the RAV4 search and discovery, and plant the bones left from burning elsewhere. He had days to organize this, while the brother handled the media.

      The one mistake is he did not know which home was Steven’s, which burn pit had the bonfire on Halloween. So he spread the bones among the possibilities, wanting to be sure police found them. But an illogical result if Steven had been a murderer. Burn her in the quarry, bring her home and put bones in several different burn pits that were not even used? Makes no sense at all.

      Except for planted evidence and the false confession, this is all there is to implicate either Avery or Dassey. I think the jury was so emotional over the ridiculous stories of rapes and stabbings and slashings, they never even looked critically art the evidence. The prosecutor was allowed to paint Avery as a bad person (which was illogical as well since there were no crimes/convictions (the only admissible proof of bad character in the U.S.!) for 20 YEARS except for the crime we have DNA proof he did not commit plus the testimony of 16 people that he was elsewhere. Yet the prosecutor was allowed to tell the jury to “convict Steven because of the kind of person he was!” One is supposed to be convicted because they are guilty of THIS crime according to THESE facts proved in this trial. I do not understand why this is not reversible error. It is in direct opposition to many jury instructions. There are hearings required to introduce evidence of previous crimes to prove someone is a bad person–and they require a closeness in time, and that the emotional prejudice created not outweigh the probative value. Here the judge did not rule (to my knowledge) on admitting convictions 20 yrs old, very prejudicial, and not probative at all on the issue of sexual assault.

      Yet the 2 guys who were close to the real evidence in the case were not even asked for an alibi!