Kathleen Zellner: Why is Ryan’s Name Blotted Out on The Sign In/Out Sheet?

Zellner blots out Ryan's name for some reason

The day I thought would never come is finally here.  Kathleen Zellner finally hand delivered the brief so many of us have been waiting for.  I about fell out of my chair when I found Ryan Hillegas’ name mentioned no fewer than three times just within the first couple of opening pages, and then, several more times, on page 73 of the pdf.

On page 7 of the brief, (at least by the pagination of the pdf), several references are made to a “Individual B” who entered the property on the 7th of November, 2005, and once on the 8th.

Logs were kept of who entered and exited the property, and those logs have been publicly available for months at Stevenaverycase.org.  It is clearly indicated in the brief that it is in Exhibit I where we will see a record of the two sign in and outs of “Individual B” on the 7th.  The Newsweek article that came out today almost immediately after the brief was filed indicates who Zellner is referring to.

The motion also calls out an “Individual B,” apparently Halbach ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas, who the motion says lied to police that the blinker light on Halbach’s Toyota RAV4 had been broken for months.

It is on page 73 of the brief that the blinker light is mentioned, thus identifying Hillegas as Individual B.

What is of particular importance to me, however, is that when you scroll down to the sign in/out logs, Exhibit I, you will see someone’s name blotted out several times.  But there is no mystery as to who this person’s name is, because the same name is not blotted out on the very same document available at Stevenaverycase.org, and that name is Ryan Hillegas.  Hillegas’s is signed in and out at least three times over the course of November 7th and 8th, as mentioned.  Below are two screen grabs of the sign out on the 7th at around 4:20:

Zellner blots out Ryan's name for some reason

Zellner blots out Ryan’s name for some reason


Ryan Hillegas name unblotted

Ryan Hillegas name unblotted

Call me insane, but doesn’t it seem like Zellner is trying to tell us something?



  • Just because nobody knows IF Ryan was abusive (her friends, family or police) does not mean he was not. Most do not tell others out of embarrassment or some other reasons. He very well may have been abusive to her. And I do not know the stats of men that kill their (x) gf/wives with no prior abuse but it exist. I am replying to someone a few above me here.

  • Can’t help but wonder what Ryan is thinking now and what his family must be thinking. Looking back, I now have a feeling if Ryan is guilty of something that Mike H. was catching on and that would explain some of his odd expressions in some video footage. I think Mike H. suspected something and may have even mentioned it to LE who just kept convincing him that Avery did it. The thing that never left my mind was Ryan testifying that he didn’t remember the time of day the last day he had seen Teresa alive. Well, it maybe wasn’t the last day he saw her alive. He made some odd phone calls during the search time, to some medical records company and two calls to a hunting club. While they were searching for Teresa, he was thinking about hunting? He’s never married in all these years and never even shown a girlfriend on FB. He’s always alone in his photos except for recently one with his parents and he looks quite odd in the photo. I’m thinking if he did something according to any new physical evidence, he will commit suicide.

  • Zellner is blotting out Hillegas’ name every time it is tied to her references in the motion because it protects her from a very big defamation lawsuit should she be incorrect/or unable to prove it. Unlike law enforcement, private attorneys/parties aren’t protected from defamation lawsuits. Obviously, she’s right about Hillegas being the guilty party, but she would suffer the same fate as another brilliant person, Oscar Wilde, if she were not extra careful. This is because persons who don’t deserve to can win such lawsuits simply because the accuser can’t prove they are accurate in their accusation.

  • This was not her brief, it was a motion to test things. The Brief won’t be filed till all the test are back.

  • She hasnt named a perp only planters

    • yes she has. she just hasn’t pointed a finger yet.

      • is there any evidence to suggest Ryan was ever abusive to Theresa cuz this seems like a far leap. after all isn’t that what put Avery behind bars evidence that was to good to be true. I think it was a family member like one of his brothers.

  • I don’t think this was impulsive. He seemed to torture her for a long time if I recall right? Impulsive is a split second death.

    • Yeah, you might be right about that.

    • Wth are you talking about? There is no physical evidence of rape. There is no physical evidence of torture. Frankly, the physical evidence barely rules out suicide versus homicide since the body was burned to char. Just because one person burns a body, it doesn’t mean they killed her, could just as easily be to hide cause of death and other physical evidence.

      There is absolutely nothing in the physical evidence to rule out a lashing out or a case of manslaughter.

  • When I first perused these logs when they became available I immediately questioned why Ryan was on the property especially considering at that early stage of the investigation he should have still been considered a suspect or at the very least a conflict of interest due to his relationship to Theresa.

  • Hillegas was my number #1 suspect ever since I saw the doc. To a trained eye, it’s obvious he is lying almost the entire time – whether it’s in an interview or his testimony. When you look at his call records in the brief, he calls Teresa every other day the entire month of October (except for the 5th -9th). Plus, he was showing up to the house 1-3 times a week. Then you’ve got the hacking into her phone records, which is a violation of Federal Law, the deleting of the voicemails, and now we know for a fact that the car was found on November 3rd and he was on the phone with Law Enforcement 22 times on November 4th – the day before the car was “discovered” by Pam Sturm. The only question I have is: How does Joshua Radandt figure into all of this? And is Travis Groelle the fake name used by Ryan Hillegas? And if so, how does Ryan Hillegas know Joshua Radandt… or does he?

  • Well said Daniel, you were adamant from the beginning !
    Let’s see what she has ????????

    • Thank you for the kind words, there…yes, I guess I was adamant from the beginning. I feel for Steven Avery and Brendan. Prison is a barbaric place, and, in the US, a barbaric practice. I’ve been there, so I know first hand. To be there for life for a crime that you didn’t commit must be like living your in a state of quiet terror. On a certain level, I think we have all experienced rage, the deep pain of rejection, the bitter pill of unrequited love. In some ways, some aspect of a crime of passion is something that we can all relate to, if not in degree, at least in kind. Few go to the lengths of murder, thank God, be most of us have said and things we’ve later deeply regretted. IF that’s where it had ended, I would be inclined to see Ryan, as least partly as a sympathetic figure, because it is a dreadful thing for a young man, he was only 25 when Teresa died, to lose his entire life because of a momentary impulse. And just like everyone, Ryan has a mother and a father, and I’m sure other people who love him. The part of it that I cannot bear is not that he killed Teresa, (although that is utterly terrible) but that he lives his life knowing every day that he did it, and that two other men who are innocent–one just a child when is life was taken from him, and the other having served twenty fucking years in prison for something he didn’t do–still rot in prison. I cannot accept it. And I resolved that this wouldn’t just be a news story that I would be entertained by. I resolved to try to do something however ill-planned, or ill-executed. For once in my life.

      • Very thoughtful reply. And yes, it is unconscionable that two men rot in prison for what someone else did. It is this part of real murderer that I despise. His unwillingness to take responsibility.