Reports of Stalking

stalking by computer

The person who posted the reddit comment claiming to work with Ryan Hillegas has removed the post.  But I was able to obtain a screen grab before hand.


After my last post, I decided to google Ryan Hillegas.  I found that his current co-workers sense something way off about Ryan Hillegas.  APPARENTLY THERE HAS BEEN ANOTHER RECENT INCIDENT OF STALKING  I urge you to read the following Reddit thread:

  1. Who is Ryan’s alibi for October 31, 2005 between 2:00 pm 5:00 pm???
  2. What do Ryan Hillegas’ phone records reveal from this time period?
  3. Was Steve Avery’s blood at any of the hospitals he worked at or did internships/clinicals at in 2005??
  4. What do his former girlfriends say about Mr. Hillegas?
  5. Does Teresa’s Halbach’s computer from this time period still exist somewhere?

These are VERY urgent questions that very urgently need to be answered.  Liberty and freedom are on the line at this very moment.


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