Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach: Let Me Be Blunt

Index finger pointing

Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach: The world demands to know your alibis for October 31st between 1:30pm and 7:00pm, and what your movements were for the next two days as well.  Scott Bloedorn, it would also be nice if you did the same.

Since it is your stated view that Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach, you have all the more incentive for providing this alibi because in the face of considerable doubt in other quarters that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were the murderers, you would automatically eliminate two of the most probable alternate suspects.


Given all that is at stake, protecting family privacy is not a legitimate excuse for not willingly furnishing this basic vital information.

In fact, if your interest is truly in protecting the privacy of friends and family as you say, again, you would have a very strong incentive in explaining your alibi because if you don’t, parties will attempt to obtain this information from other sources.

Until we have better answers not only should you not expect any of this to go away on its own, you should expect it to grow progressively worse.




  • Last night I found an interview with Ryan Hillegas where he outlines the details of what transpired with Pam Strum on the morning of November 5th regarding the search for Teresa. Details of their interaction in the kitchen and laying maps on the kitchen table, the conversation, who did and said what. I can’t find it today! Darn should have bookmarked it. Does anyone have that transcript?

    • You’re asking for a transcript. You mean the trial transcript? Or was this a webpage or a Youtube video? A bit more info, please.

      • It was a webpage. And in the interview he made 2 references to “digging”. He said something like, “We were going to see what we could dig up”, and later another sentence that was something similar about “digging around”. I thought it was a link someone posted on this website, but when I came back here, I couldn’t find it. :(

  • Should Ryan be a suspect?
    Right, so in court when asked how he knew the passcode to the murder victims’ phone he said something like ‘ I just kinda guessed, I knew it would be something to do with her sisters’. Totally ridiculous and it was obvious he was lying.

    Oh, and messages had been deleted.

    Why? because he and perhaps his pal were the last to see the victim.

    Unbelievable that this individual was not treated as a suspect

  • Could it be Ryan and Mike, took the phone records and manipulated them, or maybe if they had her phone they knew using it would set the ping off so they access her voicemail from their phone deleting vulgar and wrong voicemails clearing there trace ?

    • Obviously the brother admitted to hacking her account and listening to messages.Ryan probably had enough info to figure that out to. There were messages deleted after her death…. Why is no one being investigated for this?
      Then the bf days later sends family searchers with the only camera ever provided to any of the searchers so they can easily find and document the car.
      Something is very wrong with this guy and the fact that police never investigated anyone but Avery…. Same as the first time he was incarcerated!
      It’s not a coincidence!
      Can’t the federal government step in to investigate these small tight nitch and corrupt cities?

      • all American cities are like this. All prosecutor’s are pretty much like Ken Kratz. They stop at nothing to win.

      • something left out of the doco was Pam Sturm’s testimony as to why she was given the camera. She asked for it because she’d left hers at home. So ScottB loaned her his. Who knows if that is true or not. She was a private investigator at one time, so maybe this was a natural thing for her to want to have on hand, rather than to touch anything, bring back what might be evidence in a photo to authorities. What she ‘found’ instead, was something very important and obvious/big.

        You can read this several ways.

        • No, is the transcripts she clearly states that she asks for a camera “for in case she finds anything”

          I’m sorry but that is kind of suspicious considering her history as a private investigator. Me myself, I’m a previous federal inspector. I always have a camera on hand whether it be on on my phone or a stand alone camera, it’s a pro thing. You always have it on hand. Period. PERIOD.

        • …but yet she lets her daughter take the pictures…her daughter had her cellphone with her as well….did that not have a camera in it…and why is she taking pix anyway..thats the job of the police…whom she called…

      • If you read the transcripts, the distant cousin the found the truck was previously a private investigator. She forgot her camera that morning and asked Scott to borrow his, per the transcripts.

      • Yes, and it sounds like Ryan had regular access to the house where Teresa lived. He certainly could have installed a “keystroke detection” program on her computer and derived a lot of information and passwords from that.

  • It makes zero sense how a jury that started with seven non-guilty votes ended up unanimously finding Avery guilty. There were/are entirely too many questions and feelings evoked to find him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That said, I pray Avery’s new attorney is able to get traction and find an indisputable way to bring more truth to light. Ryan testifies in court that he pulled the records and “guessed” her password. Those deleted messages and the lack of clarity on the unidentified calls which are on the record are gnawing at me. However, on the very day that their local newspaper reported Teresa as missing, November 3, Mike is quoted as stating for fact that there were no calls after 2 pm. How did he know that for a fact? This is two days before they find the vehicle or arrest Avery. It would have been smart to pull the prior three months of her cell phone detailed billing to determine what was “normal” for her at that time. If I didn’t call my mom for two days, she would be calling me and those closest to me to find me. None of the calls that day were attributed to Teresa’s friends or family. Why does this not seem suspicious to anyone? Although the murderer could be Ryan, Zimmerman or Edwards or someone else, the bottom line is that there remains a copious amount of more than reasonable doubt regarding Avery as the killer.

  • I think Mike and Ryan are hiding something, that’s for sure. Along with Scott and Bobby. I mean, according to their own words, they were the last one to see her supposedly going to Steves house. An i missing something? It’s too bad the Anonymous group couldn’t hack into the cell phone records to show all of the activity. I know that they stand for justice, wonder if anyone has reached out to them?

    • I find Scott and Bobby to be very unlikely suspects either together or separately.

      • You and I have different opinions on this, as you know. I’ve shared with you why I think Bobby and Scott are possible suspects (physical presence on the day, awareness of the area (despite denials in Bobby’s testimony which makes NO sense), opportunity, alibis that change over time in their interviews, alibi for each other in some respects and NO one else, lack of alibi for the days between Halloween and the discovery, access to the burn barrel on the JANDA area with easy walk over to Steve’s, Scott trying to sell a .22 rifle, Scott with blood on his clothes).

        But you’ve never talked about why you think they are UNlikely. Pick one. Even if Bobby wasn’t involved, could Scott T? Care to share?

        • I agree that Ryan should be investigated thoroughly, and was thinking that as soon as I saw him testify on the stand. Not only is the information he gave bizarre, but he just acted sketchy.

          However, I also think Scott and/or Bobby should be investigated as well. I mean they were there on the premises at the exact time, AND were going hunting. WITH RIFLES. It should have been investigated as to what kind of rifles they used that day. Was it the .22 that Scott tried to sell? Was it actually fired the day Teresa was there? Where, exactly, on the property were they hunting? Was it in the vicinity of the road Teresa would have used to leave the property? While they were out ‘hunting’ did they see Teresa’s car leaving and accost her? Did they come back with anything after hunting? Does anyone know if these questions were ever asked during the trial?

      • I sure wish you’d tell us about your theory regarding what you think really happened.

    • I would really like to know where Colburn’s cell was pinging on the tower when he called in the plate. Also showing Links movements around that time. Ryan’s movements could show everything his lack of an alibi doesn’t. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see potential phone calls between Ryan and Colburn/Link in the days before the Rav 4 was found. I personally doubt that the body was burnt in Avery’s pit so there will be a pattern on someone’s phone pinging off different towers in that time frame that could lead to a completely different kill/burn site.

    • They supposedly were, but I don’t know if it was real or a hoax. I’ve seen both.

      The problem is finding the records now, 10 years later. Most phone companies ditch them by 2 years. No need to keep them. The investigators might get lucky with some deep dark archived copies somewhere in the bowels of a computer server, but it’s a very long shot.

      The other possibility is that the investigators at the time got those records and they’re in the Calumet Cty offices somewhere, never released to the original defense team.

      • That would possibly be failing to release exculpatory evidence then. More bad juju for the prize.

        • I wonder whom is guarding all the evidence and files! If it’s Manitowoc or Calumet County, that would be like a Fox guarding the Henhouse.

  • The key to start solving this and eliminating suspects is to subpoena phone records of everyone associated with this case including the cops. This will paint a picture of not only who was talking to who(including who was harassing Theresa), but also give a nice picture of where their cell phones were at critical times during the case.
    -Like where was Colburn when he called in the plate.
    -Where were Scott and Dassey when they were”hunting”
    -Where was Avery
    -Where was Ryan/Link/etc.

  • What are your thoughts on how the Zipperers fit into this theory? It is said that Scott/Ryan most likely found T’s car in the quarry after the Zipperers dropped it off there.

  • i don’t know if you heard or not but Netflix has a real serial killer recorded on film Edward Wayne Edward on film he made his appearance in the 6th episode… Ed Edwards lived one hour from the Avery’s and did seen letters to the family and county police their was also phone calls to where the evidence was suppose to be found …Ex-cop John a. Cameron caught it on the film… please check that out…also this is his MO to place the blame on an innocent man

  • In my quick scan of the Mike and Ryan testimony, I find it interesting that there is very little questioning about their relationship to each other (friends versus good friends versus just acquaintances). Ryan never mentions working with Mike in regard to the whole phone record acquisition and I think he denied knowing the voice mail password. It’s just weird because in the DOC footage you get an impression they are friends or covering each other or something but maybe they we not friends at all. Maybe even enemies? IDK. Also somewhere I read one of them or maybe both were friends with Bobby Dassey. I think I read it on a local’s Facebook comment, so that may or may not be true. But nevertheless is would be interesting to know.

  • If 26% of the internet thought I was a murderer, I’d be quick as fk to offer an alibi.

  • I find this interesting:
    “Hillegas spoke of Halbach on Saturday morning from her rented Calumet County farmhouse, where he and another friend are staying to keep an eye on things. It was some comfort, he said, to be surrounded by his good friend’s belongings, her photographs and her cat, Mila.”

    If the other friend is Scott B, he lived there. Of course he would stay there. But why Ryan? Didn’t Ryan have a home to go to? To ‘keep an eye on’?

    Would you move into your ex-girlfriend’s house NEXT DOOR to her parents who could also ‘keep an eye on things’?

    • Well, yes. And also that would give Ryan lots of time to go through Teresa’s personal belongings (perhaps diaries or journals, etc.) to make sure there weren’t things found or written that would incriminate himself.

  • Something that has always got me wondering… If Ryan was really the one who murdered Teresa, wouldn’t he have committed other murders with the same M.O?

    I looked up “woman burned” in WI, and found a Nadine J. Clerveau who was murdered, her body burned elsewhere and then dumped. Interestingly, not far from where Ryan works at Froedtert Hospital. And upon a little research, she grew up somewhere in Marshfield.. Not all that far from Steven’s Point. Am I onto something here, or am I just theorising? I find it all too strange anyway..

    • She was arrested in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Not sure that she has any ties to Marshfield, WI that I could find.

  • I tried to leave a comment here a few days ago but for some reason didn’t go through. Anyway.. My partner and I binge watched MaM doc a few days ago, and I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something up with Mike & Ryan.

    When I went back and watched the scene of both of them talking about whether they had been on the property, I turned off the volume and noticed something interesting. Here’s the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRa7yPDjBzk

    “How many times were you on the site?” At 0:13 Ryan swallows (very obviously) before answering. Mike appears from the side into clear vision and looks at Ryan with a “worried” expression and licks his lips.

    Patti Wood, an expert in Body Language claims “When you are nervous, your mouth becomes dry, and you lick your lips and swallow as you struggle to find the right words to say.”

    At 0:18 Mike looks at Ryan again waiting for his response – what appears, nervously.

    Ryan says “I…I wasn’t on the site… that’s not true at all…” (He shakes his head, looks down a few times)

    0.24 – Mike is asked if he was part of the on site searching. He opens his mouth with an answer straight away, but Ryan answers quickly… (as Mike is stuttering). Ryan finishes Mike’s sentences “on the actual site.. it’s been crime scene taped off… secured.”

    This leads me to believe three possible scenarios:

    1. Ryan (and possibly Mike) WERE on the site before authorities gave permission. This would explain why Mike quickly appears looking worried at Ryan.

    2. MIKE was on the site, and Ryan is covering for him by finishing his sentences.

    Ryan clearly is the confident liar here. Mike seems to give away his nervous/worried expressions easily, and obviously relies on Ryan for a quick save. I wonder if Ryan is sociopathic at all, as lying seems to come more naturally for him.

    • Probably wouldn’t be prosecuted on this, though, unless it was a ‘pile on’ if he were charged with something else related to the case. Not all laws are enforced unless the ‘state’ sees some advantage in doing so.

  • Have you looked at strawpoll.me/6500127 ? When asked who people beleive killed teresa the majority beleive it is ryan hillegas 26%. Next popular beleif is scott and bobby and then steve avery. Both of those at 16%. Next is ryan and mike at 14%. Its only 150+ of voters but 40% beleive ryan did it.

  • Have you seen this yearbook photo/quote in Ryan’s senior yearbook where he is quoted saying “women are evil”?

    If this is real… It says a lot about him… He would have been dating Teresa at the time he made this quote. I mean …. Who says that!?!


  • When did Ryan and/or MikeH access that voicemail? They admit they did it. They admit they accessed her computer. But when? The Rolling Stone Buting interview makes a major point about that. And why the Judge tied their hands from even looking at these details in the actual case as alternative theories. The ‘deleted’ voicemail is a major hiccup in this.

    IF the phone was already disposed of, the only way to access the account was via computer. IF the access was on 2 November, BEFORE TH was reported missing, why? By whom?

    IF her account was accessed by a computer and the records still exist in whatever phone company still exists (archive logs is a place to start looking), then IP addresses would identify what computer or at least what Internet service.

    Digital Breadcrumbs. All it takes is someone to look.




    • Get outta here ryan unless you’re going to help us figure this out. Quit posting anonymous, i know where i was on halloween, why couldn’t you have just been preparing you’re costume and getting drunk like the rest of America.

    • You know, and I know that if he had a rock-solid alibi for that day, he would have already come out to say what it was. There would be no need to get on this site to fling epithets as he’s done because I could be easily discredited in one stroke, and I would have to offer an apologize. And what would it matter if a “nobody” like myself stubbornly refused to accept his alibi if millions of others, who will soon be asking the same questions i’m asking, found it credible? The believers in Avery’s and Dassey’s guilt who are presumably more open minded that I am about Ryan Hillegas should also want to know for the sake of thoroughness, just for the one chance in three trillion that they got it wrong. But has anyone from Ryan’s cheer squad bothered to ask for an alibi just as a routine matter?

      And how telling it is that you clearly regard some of your fellow humans as “nobodys” in the first place. What exactly does that mean? Is that a way of denying others membership in the club of humanity? Perhaps it is your view that Steven Avery is also a “nobody”? For those who believe in the concept of others being a “nobody”, I’d have to ask if it would bother you much if one from their ranks suffered a grievous miscarriage of justice? Or is the presumption of innocence, to paraphrase Ken Kratz, only for those with social status equal or higher than yours?

      It’s only a matter of time before a lot of people are going to have a lot of questions for Mr. Hillegas. The longer he remains silent, the more suspicious he is going to look. His continued silence will speak volumes all on its own and will eventually result in him being scoped dead center in the public’s crosshairs. Now that’s what I would call a lose lose situation.

      • Hi Daniel. Thanks for all this awesome work you’re doing. It seems Ryan doesn’t have too many fans.. at least not in Manitowoc or Calumet County. When he was first trying to get Teresa’s friends to respond to his request as to her whereabouts, he says he wasn’t getting a response. Perhaps they suspected he was just trying to stalk her… again?

      • Damn Daniel…Back at it again with logical arguments….

  • awesome man, cant believe your doing all of this. but i feel like we share the same brain haha