Ryan Hillegas’ Phone Records

Before going forward, I have to say that there are a lot of unexplained things concerning phone records in this case.  For example..

Where is the complete record of Teresa’s phone record for the October through November billing cycle?  There’s only about a day and half there which really gives us very little information.

Why are the phone numbers erased only on Teresa’s call logs?  If you look at Ryan Hillegas’ phone log records, you will find that they show all outgoing and incoming  calls.  The same is true for what portion is shown of Steven Avery’s call logs.

Was it possible to delete voicemail messages from ones online Cingular account in 2005?

I’ve been going over transcripts and the court testimony of both Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas in search of answers to the many questions I have.  In Zellner’s August 26th, 2016 motion, she goes out of her way to highlight the fact that five voicemail messages were deleted on October 31st, 2005 and sixteen more on November 1st, 2005.  Crucially, she states in the motion: “Halbach’s Motorola Razr featured one-touch dialing for vm, which would allow anyone in possession of her cell phone to access her vm”.

Puzzling.  I find it interesting that Zellner does not state exactly when the messages on October 31st were deleted.  If this information is known, why is it withheld?  Secondly, how is it know, and why doesn’t the broader public have access to the same information, or might they?  Maybe Teresa deleted her own messages using the one touch feature mentioned in the motion?  I am presuming that before Teresa Halbach’s Razr was out of range of the Whitelaw tower, it was never turned on again since to do so would have created another ping, and if another ping had occurred, well, that would be included evidence.

This means that if the killer deleted the voicemail messages on October 31st before turning the phone off, he might have done so using the one-touch feature.  Since the phone wasn’t turned back on after it left the Whitelaw tower area, all subsequent deletions, namely the eleven deletions which Zellner asserts took place on November 2nd, 2005, must have been done using another phone OR via her online Cingular account, if that account happened to have the capability to allow those with access privileges to delete voice mail messages.

So let me clarify a little bit here before going forward.  There are two sets of passwords/pins that are in question here.  One is the pin code needed to access her voicemail from, say, another phone.  The other is the password needed to access her online account from a computer.

The one person we know who had her voicemail password is her brother.  He admits to this in court when he is called to testify.

My mom called me that Thursday [November 3rd, 2005], that afternoon, about Teresa, and wondering if I knew where she was.  And I didn’t.  So I had a feeling that I might know her voicemail password, because my mom had said that she had tried calling , and Teresa’s inbox was full.

So I guess what I was interested in is why it was full, or when the first new message was from, was received in her inbox.  And so, you know, that’s why I called her voicemail

Ken Kratz then asks, “And were you able to accurately guess her password?”, Mike Halbach responds..

Yes, it wasn’t very difficult…I had a feeling what it was, because of — from previous testimony, I said I did some website design for her and her password included her birthday, the month and day, and that was successful in getting into her voicemail.


There’s plenty that I find more than a little odd here.  According to court testimony, Karen called asking if Mike knew where his sister was, and also happened to mention that she had tried calling her only to discover that her voicemail was full.  Why would someone’s first impulse be (and seems like this was the first impulse) to hack someone’s voicemail?  Wouldn’t the logical starting place be work and friends, maybe her roommate, Scott Bloedorn?

If we are to believe that this was the very first time that Mike Halbach ever listened to his sister’s voicemail messages, the timing for that also strikes me as odd because it was one day after her voicemail, according to Kathleen Zellner,had been hacked by someone else.  What are the odds?

Ryan Hillegas called her on November 1st at 6:42p.m. and reported that her voicemail was full, according to the motion.  When Karen Halbach, Teresa’s mom, called on the 3rd of November, her voicemail was full yet again even though, (again, according to the motion filed by Zellner), eleven voicemail messages were deleted before 7:12 a.m. on the 2nd.

Is it possible that the killer was trying to buy time?  By deleting voicemails as they were coming in maybe the killer thought he could prevent any suspicion that might have been aroused if incoming callers received the message that Teresa’s voicemail had been full since October 31st, or very shortly thereafter.  After all, it is this very eventuality that caused Teresa’s mother to become suspicious.

What is just as strange is that Ryan Hillegas, during his court testimony, spoke only of guessing a password to Teresa’s online account in order to print off her phone records.  As anyone knows who has followed this saga, Ryan also said that the password to this separate account was a birthday, but instead of it being Teresa’s birthday, it was the birthday, or a combination thereof, of one of Teresa’s sisters.  How strange it is that Teresa would use her own birthday for her website and for her phone, but would choose another person’s birthday for online Cingular account.

What is also strange is that Ryan Hillegas failed to mention that he called Cingular’s password assistance line for help with the password.  His call logs reflect this, and it was also mentioned in the motion.  Mysteriously, Ryan also states on the stand that after going through the trouble of guessing her password, he doesn’t remember what it was–as if he nor anyone else around at the time regarded this information significant enough to write down somewhere

When Making a Murderer first came out, someone posted some information on Reddit, and then quickly deleted it.  Luckily I was able to get a screen shot of that evanescent posting to which I devoted an entire feature on December 23, 2015.

Someone purporting to be one of Ryan’s co-workers claimed that Ryan had boasted that he was able to obtain the information from Cingular by duping one of the “grunts” who worked there at the time.  I found that post quite credible at the time, even before Ryan’s call logs for October/November 2005 were publicly available, and even more credible at the present moment now that they are and corroborate what had been in the Reddit post. If the Reddit post is to be believed, Ryan is lying to someone because if he fooled someone into giving him the desired information, there would have obviously been no need to guess Teresa’s password.

Below is the screen capture of that Reddit post:



Before you go, I found two other things of interest in Ryan’s phone logs.  According to call logs, the last time Ryan Hillegas and Teresa Halbach speak on the telephone for any length of times is the 25th of October, 2005.  Teresa returns Ryan’s call made about thirty minutes earlier, and they speak for thirteen minutes.  Ryan does not speak to another person for the rest of the evening (not unusual), nor almost the entire following day (very, very unusual).  By his call logs, it looks like he calls one person at 6:15p.m, and he speaks to that person for about four minutes when his call is returned almost exactly twenty minutes later.  Who knows what happened, but it looks like he might have been licking his wounds?  At the very least, it is an unusual pattern.

Lastly, on October 31st, the day Teresa went missing, Ryan does not make or receive any phone calls between 9:41a.m. and 3:48p.m when he checks his voicemail.  The first thing I always do is check my voicemail when my phone has been off for a few hours, how about you?  It is between these times that Teresa was murdered.



  • FYI – on page 45 of the CASO report Bradley Czeck told investigator that TH had slept with her roommate Scott a couple of times but “regretted it”…interested to see if Ryan H knew about this and why didn’t LE follow up more with Scott as a suspect.

  • You are all pathetic! Get your facts straight because Slander is against the law!!!

  • hi,
    very interesting stuff. i watched the netflix series just a few days ago, I’ve never heard before about the case.. I dont think it was popular in germany.
    But after it I was confused why non of her friends, family members were looked closer.
    The series didn’t show much stuff about the victim in general. It would be nice know what kind of person she was, how many friends she had; how many relationships she had and how they were like. Was she happy, was she looking for a new boyfriend or still dealing with breaking ups. Did she have close friends and talked about her problems and personal life to them.
    Just one video of her was shown, not people talking about her life.

    But apparently Zellner is thinking he might be the real murder. Are there theories how the whole thing might have happened? Because it doesn’t seem rational to me how the police planted the evidence then.

    So when her ex killed her, its still hard to guess what happened next.
    He probably didn’t called the police and said.. “i know you hate this avery and how about you cover up my murder”, unless he is very close to someone in the police station who would take the risk.
    I can just think of 2 theories… first one, he called the police and asked them to come, then he admitted and they saw their chance to get rid of avery for ever (of course he couldn’t have called them because calls would have been saved and the police would have needed to write a report somehow).
    Or he left the car+body on a very normal place so police officers found it very quickly and decided to use it against avery.

    But both theories are not rational.. if he wanted to admit his murder, why wouldn’t he bother whether to call the police or try to contact them so they don’t have to write a report about it. And the second one (police found the car and body) is even less rational.

    He probably killed her where he couldn’t have been seen easily, but what did he do with the body? It’s hard to believe for me, he burned it.. you cannot do that in an open place just like that; but then a normal killer would probably try to get rid of the body, meaning not leaving evidence like DNA leading to him. Normal killers would maybe throw the body into a river or hide it in the forest. If he didn’t take care of the body in any particular way, he would have been a serious suspect and with the DNA on the body, they would find out he is the murder because sooner or later someone would found the place where it happened.
    So you can say.. okay, he left the body (+car) anyway in a lonely place, hoping no one would find it that quickly until he figures out what to do next, or he must have burned the body regardless, but then.. why burning just the body and not the whole car; burning just the body would been a very rational decision because it leaves a lot open space and it doesn’t make sense how the bones and the car have been found on the avery property; if you still try to think that the police placed the blood and bullet. Because, okay he burns the body: 1) taking it to a special place where it is possible; but why bringing the bones then back to the car? 2) burned it next to the car, but then chances to be seen are high, he would need to make sure the body burns indeed and it works, so he needs to stay at least for some time and watching the whole thing. But then again, how would the police find that place to be able to take the car and the bones to avery.
    Okay you could maybe say, he decided to take the car to avery and place the bones there, just because he might have known she had this job to do for him. But how was the police then supposed to find the car; knowing the bones are there for placing the bullet and blood.
    You could say, when they found the body, there was time for them to place it until more crime scene policemen arrived. But that is not possible because I find it hard to believe that they could get the blood of avery fast enough. And most of all, they don’t know that there are bones on averys property; so the risk of finding TH body with DNA of the real killer is still there.
    And then you still have the question of the headshot. How can the police know she was shot and what gun avery has. Not mentioning when the ex burned the body, they needed to find TH blood to place it on the bullet.

    I don’t think there is enough evidence to put avery in jail for this murder but i cannot think of how the police was able to place all the evidence.

  • here is a bio that Ryan wrote about himself (recently i believe) maybe someone can see something i couldnt.

    “I’m a fairly easy going guy who usually doesn’t have a problem getting along with others. I have this habitual flaw that I think that I’m gonna save the world some day. If that means that I have to do it one person at a time, then so be it (hence the nursing). I love outdoor sports and seem to sway towards those that have some type of risk to them-KITEBOARDING, snowboarding, wakeboarding, climbing, running, hiking, fishing, camping, or just basking in the sun. I guess you could say that I am the type of person who filled this profile out because I was being harrassed about my lack of effort to put up a decent homepage for myself….”

    • I mean considering that RH is the killer,its just interesting to see how the mind of a killer works.
      “save the world someday one person at a time”
      combined with his highschool biggest fear quote
      “women because their evil”
      makes for a weird bates-ish almost vigilante vibe. its like he wants to rid his life of the “evil women” that he always seems to fail with. so assuming TH drove him over the edge or it was just rumors that did it or he just got tired of rejection and decided that he could end his torment by making sure he would never see her again. causing him to act on his impulses relying on his intuition to guide him,as killers often do,and he does it. he takes her life. and it felt good in the moment maybe. but then the guilt hit him,and fear overcame the very intuition that led him here. so he brings in an accomplice? MH?

      i dont know if any of that is true,but the fact of the matter is that it COULD be true. i didnt know where to post this,i really wish i could see other peoples opinions on this specific matter. perhaps,daniel you could weigh in here?

    • What do you mean by “see something that I couldn’t”? Where did you find this if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Just a few thoughts, some touching on the questions in your post Daniel.

    Has anyone considered that Ryan had access to that 2nd Razr phone that Teresa had at her house? Was it a shared line phone that could have accessed the voicemail? That 2nd phone was logged into evidence by police but is “lost” now, so it may have been later planted in the Avery burn barrel.

    I don’t think that you could access voicemail from the online account, but you could from the cell or another phone, as you know.
    When Ryan called and the voicemail was full, he could have pressed * and be prompted to enter the password. I don’t think it is crazy that he would know her password. . . . I knew my on-again off-again girlfriend’s password back in those days. I did snoop on her when she was being shady. I saw her enter it on a landline phone checking her voicemail once when her phone was dead (VERY common back in 04-07). The password was her birthday so I never forgot it. . . . Maybe he snooped on her regularly. OR . . .
    This has been on my mind lately: What do 25 year old people do on Halloween weekend? Party! Surely these people partied the weekend before Teresa’s disappearance. Maybe Teresa was trying to avoid Ryan that weekend and he was being stalker-ish. Maybe he left some drunken voicemails on her phone that were bad or threatening. He may have used someone else’s phone to elude caller ID, or she may have had her phone off, and he was leaving voicmails without ever “officially” calling her (straight to VM).. Hell, they could’ve been partying together and he may have gotten physical with her and then left drunk voicemails later on. He had those scratches on him. . Either way, she might have later said that she is saving the voicemails as possible evidence against Ryan. That could be a motive.

    Ryan might have realized after the murder that the voicemails were there still and so he deleted them. It is hard to imagine that anybody else on this planet deleted those voicemails but Ryan.

    Ryan probably got the online account password from the Cingular people he called. All that stuff about guessing a username that fits and all that is pure garbage.

    Regarding the supposed co-worker post on Reddit: It definitely sounds credible but Ryan never did have a restraining order against him (or any other case). I live in Wisconsin and there is an online search tool called CCAP that is commonly used. Restraining orders and criminal cases are on there regardless of disposition for something like 70 years.

    I absolutely agree with your last paragraph. He probably did have his cell off that day. He wouldn’t want the cell tower to ping him somewhere he shouldn’t be.

    Great work Daniel. I’ll continue to follow and post. I have many more thoughts and I’ll share them as they cross my mind.


    • Yeah, I’m sure you’re right that you weren’t able to check voicemail through popular carriers like Cingular back then. I tend to doubt that Teresa’s other phone was a shared line. Why would she need two? But who knows. No, Ryan never did have a restraining order, but I think it nearly came to that from what I’ve heard from other people. The item that makes that Reddit post believable is that it mentions a call that Ryan made to Cingular pass word services. Ryan’s call logs which show that he did indeed make these calls, three of them in fact, weren’t available to the public when the Reddit post was made.

  • Seriously, you should be working for Zellner. Has anyone sent her the pics of Ryan’s scratched up hands? When I saw those a few months back it really alarmed me. Until then, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt although I was rather incensed that no one had scrutinized his cell records and others for that matter, as you also mention. Nice foresight in catching the screen shot of a co-workers post too. Not looking good for RH. I wouldn’t want to be in KZ’s crosshairs.

  • So many questions, starting to get answers. I’m wondering if Weigert or Kratz knew he’d called cell company,–are they surprised by this information? Do you think they were the ones to tell him to lie about the blinker light? He obviously felt totally protected by LE and Kratz.
    Do you remember when it was that I called him? March? Anyway, at that time I really got the sense that NO ONE had ever asked him if he had an alibi….I told him to solve an (imaginary) feud my husband and I were having, I said he had an alibi and my husband says he doesn’t. I even led him with “I;m right–right? Yes?” He could have so easily said yes, or of course–I wasn’t asking what his alibi was, rather simply do you have one. He felt no threat by my query.
    Great piece Daniel! Makes me wonder who was helping who–Did LE assist RH? Or did RH assist LE?