Ryan, It’s Time to Confess if You Killed Teresa

Even if we are to believe, Ryan, that you’re memory is so faulty that you really didn’t know what time of day it was the very last time you saw your girlfriend of seven years alive, surely you must have registered what you were doing on the day she went missing.  After all, that day was Halloween.  That should make it especially easy for you to remember what you were doing.  Did you stay home?  Were you hanging out with Mike Halbach?  Did you attend a Halloween party with someone?

Here’s the thing…let’s for arguments sake say you weren’t the killer, and that it was, in fact, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.  It is they who shot, stabbed, strangled, raped, Teresa, chopped her into tiny bits, and burned her remains.  Let’s imagine further that Kathleen Zellner, the super lawyer from Texas who already has seventeen exonerations under her belt, is on the verge of presenting convincing, exculpatory evidence of some kind in court that could free Steven Avery.

What if a solid alibi from you for the evening of October 31st, 2005 was the only thing standing in the way of Steven Avery’s freedom?  If you really loved Teresa and cared about Teresa as you say you did, I would think that you would be more than eager to tell the world what you were doing on that most immemorial day.

And Ryan, if you don’t have an alibi, and you did kill Teresa, it’s time for you to confess.  I actually believe you are capable of doing this.  Look, you’re about thirty-five.  You’re not married.  You don’t have any kids.  For whom or what are you living your life?  Is your self gratification more important than two men serving life sentences?  You’ve had your days in the sun kite-boarding the waves of the Great Lakes, fishing for pike, and so on, but if you killed Teresa, you need to own up to it like a man.  If you killer her, Ryan, you need to do the right thing.


I urge you to confess so we can all put this behind us.