Sorry Ryan Hillegas, But The Best Laid Schemes…

That Ryan Hillegas’ memory is so terrible when it comes to remembering even roughly the time of day he saw Teresa is something that bothers everyone.  I had initially thought Ryan’s faulty memory was his way of thumbing his nose at the defense since he knew he that Wisconsin’s third-party liability statutes would shield him from serious questioning, but a comment I’d seen recently sent me off in an entirely new direction. Is it possible that Ryan’s visit to Teresa the day before she was killed was a lot more sinister than anyone has heretofore imagined?

Ryan’s last stop over at Teresa and Scott’s house hasn’t received that much attention, all things considered, but something about it has never quite felt right, perhaps because it leaves many unanswered questions.  Here are but a few: Was Scott Bloedorn home when Ryan arrived to return something he said he had borrowed?  Who answered the door, or was Ryan comfortable enough to let himself in?  What would Scott Bloedorn testify to?  How long Ryan had kept it?  Did Scott call Ryan to request that the item be returned, or did Ryan return the item without being prompted.  Did Ryan go out of his way to make the trip, or was it on the way to somewhere he was already going?

Maybe borrowing things from Scott was Ryan’s way to have an excuse to drop by Teresa’s house at random hours as he could always legitimately claim that he was returning something even though the real reason for the visit, of course, would be to encounter Teresa, hopefully alone, so he could be with her, and try to convince her that they should get back together.

What might to the outside world appeared to be nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, was anything but in Ryan’s own mind.  Great importance was assigned to the timing of his trip over to his ex-girlfriends house, and as it so happened, he got it right: she was there, and her roommate, Scott wasn’t which meant they could be alone.  Being secretly aware of his own motives Hillegas was likely worried that Buting’s questioning could go in any direction and not even Ken Kratz himself would have been wise to where it was going to raise an objection.

Let’s imagine that Buting had asked Hillegas whether Scott Bloedorn had been at the house when he arrived to return “something”.  If the answer had been no, Ryan would have naturally worried that people would put things together and realize that he’d been alone in the house with her.  That would have been enough to put that visit in an entirely different light than the way it would be imagined if Scott were present.

When Buting asked Hillegas what time he had been over to Scott and Teresa’s, he effectively put him in a bind.  Ryan tried to get out of it by simply saying that he didn’t remember.  If Buting hadn’t followed up with words to the effect, “do you remember whether it was light or dark out”, it wouldn’t have been a memorable passage.  But since he did ask the question as he did, Ryan had no choice but to give a ridiculous answer because the alternative would have been to risk revelations that might have put him in an even worse light.

It is now my strong suspicion that the time that Ryan last officially saw Teresa, the love of his life up to that point, didn’t happen because Ryan was just over there on a friendly visit to drop something off for Scott Bloedorn.  He went there at the time that he did because, I suspect, he knew two conditions had been met: 1) Scott Bloedorn would not be there; and, 2) Teresa Halbach would.

Let’s for a moment imagine that I’m correct.  The question should then arise by whom in the whole world has the scheme been detected?  My point is not that I wish to be recognized as being clever enough to detect such a scheme but that if I’m correct we have irrefutable proof of a man both clever and devious enough to fool the world at least once.




  • JustAGuyOnReddit

    Another thing to consider though.

    It was Sunday..and Scott works construction. Pretty sure that would be a Mon-Fri job, so he would have been off that day.

    I just have a feeling Scott and Ryan didn’t go over their statements or Ryan forgot the details of Scott’s. Was he home, was he out? What time? Did Teresa leave? If Buting and Strang would have pushed as hard as they can before broaching Denny, he might have cracked.

  • After KZ’s tweets today there are two suspects involved in killing TH. One really stands out in the trial.

  • I think the visit to drop something off was benign enough. He and Bloedorn were friends, so I doubt it was unusual for Ryan to be there at any given time. And if Scott wasn’t there during that visit, Ryan could have simply said that he wasn’t there at all, since the only witness would have been Teresa.

    What nefarious reason for his visit do you suspect? He stopped by on the 30th and Teresa was fine/made her appointments on the 31st, so I’m curious where you’re going with this one.

    • Yes, but the sketch part is that he pretended he couldn’t remember when it was. When someone you care about goes missing and if you’re actively involved in the search, you would definitely comb your brain to think about the last time you saw them, any hints at the time etc. And then when that person turns out to be dead, I guarantee you would think about every single moment you had with that person and the things you wish you had said or done.

      Let alone that it would be fairly easy to recall when you dropped something off for someone. You just start thinking about what it was, what you were doing before or after you dropped it off etc.

      His “don’t remember” didn’t fool me for a second.

      • He would remember night or day, at the very least. Think about all of the other people who had to give a time at some point as to their whereabouts. That would include Zipperers, Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey, Scott Bloedorn, and many others. The only one who can’t narrow it down to within AN HOUR is Ryan Hillegas. He can’t narrow it down to within roughly twenty four hours. Yet, a few days later, it appears he has the presence of mind to organize, coordinate, lead and handle the delicate logistics of a thirty or forty person search party. And from all indications, he did admirably well: there were maps of several counties, each handed out to a particular group depending on where they were going; there were at least two different signs posted in various locations in the area; at least two different buttons with Teresa’s face were distributed to the searchers (one of which Ryan “Hill” Hillegas posted on his Facebook profile after Making A Murderer came out, and kept it there till recently). To me, there was something he said that was even more telling, even more inculpatory. After telling the court that he’d guessed Teresa’s login info, he at one point said he didn’t remember it. Now, imagine going through all of the work to guess someone’s username and password. Against staggering odds you somehow manage to guess it. You believe that email records and maybe phone records might turn up information that might help you find the missing person who you love with all of your heart. What chance is there that you wouldn’t record that information, and keep it around permanently in case you needed to spend hours combing through everything, or hand over information to investigators? Zero. That’s what the chance is.