A Word for Steven Avery

Steven Avery

Steven Avery’s name has really been dragged through the mud over the years which might be one major reason why even some who suspect he is innocent don’t lose too much sleep over his wrongful conviction.  

Well, I’m getting kind of sick of it because everyone seems to focus on the dumb mistakes he made as a kid while completely ignoring all of the other signs that would indicate he’s not the terrible monster that those in his community have made him out to be.  It’s also rank hypocrisy.  Who didn’t make mistakes in their youth?  

So let’s just go down the list of things that paint a much different impression than the one painted by people like Ken Kratz and many of the people of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

In his book, Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and what “Making A Murderer” Gets Wrong, Ken Kratz goes out of his way to depict Steven Avery as a filthy slob, mentioning several times that there was “shit” everywhere in Steven Avery’s trailer.  So, let’s have a look inside Steven Avery’s car, inside his trailer, and around the grounds of where that trailer was located.

In fact, let’s compare how neat Steven Avery kept his car with how neat Ken Kratz kept his.  Interior of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal:

View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal

View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal

And now Steven Avery’s Grand Am:


Interior of Steven Avery's Gand Am

Interior of Steven Avery’s Grand Am

The front passenger well in Ken Kratz’s Buick looks like it’s being used as a rubbish bin (as those from England like to say) whereas there is only one damn cup in the same area of Steven Avery’s Grand Am which was probably left by someone else.  You tell me who is the bigger slob between Kratz and Avery.

Okay, so maybe it just so happens that Steven Avery keeps his car clutter free, but what about his property, and the inside of his house?

Here’s a picture of his bathroom:

Steven Avery, though often portrayed as a slob, actually kept his bathroom and the rest of his house clean and orderly

Steven Avery, though often portrayed as a slob, actually kept his bathroom and the rest of his house clean and orderly

I’d have to give Steven Avery top marks for cleanliness and orderliness.  Just look at the sink and the sink counter.  The floor is free of clothing and other objects, and looks like it’s been swept and mopped regularly as there are no visible signs of dirt and gunk.  Go look at your own bathroom sink right now, and tell me if looks nearly so good.  Despite what you’ve heard from Ken Kratz and others, there is every reason to believe that Steven Avery was a very clean person.

Need more proof?  Here is Steven Avery’s laundry room.  Not only is it clean and orderly, it is clear that he keeps up with his laundry.  No piled up clothes, and nothing on the floor.  How does it compare to the laundry room in your own house?

Photo showing that Steven Avery's laundry room was clean and orderly

Steven Avery’s very clean laundry area

What about Steven Avery’s yard?  Well, that’s pretty neat and orderly too!  It’s not landscaped, but neither is their any junk in the yard as is not too terribly uncommon on private land far from the center of town and away from the prying eyes of neighbors.

Steven Avery kept the front of his property free of trash and other debris

Steven Avery kept the front of his property free of trash and other debris

This pattern of neatness and orderliness extends away from the trailer too.  There really isn’t a single thing out of place:

Photo showing the orderly grounds upon which sits Steven Avery's red trailer

Photo showing the orderly grounds upon which sits Steven Avery’s red trailer

This is a photo showing the inside of the trailer at Avery Salvage where business is conducted.  The pattern of neatness is consistent.  Often the Avery’s have been portrayed as pigs.  The evidence indicates otherwise.

Inside view of trailer where business is conducted at AVery Salvage Yard

Inside view of trailer where business is conducted at AVery Salvage Yard

So much for the perception that Steven Avery is a giant slob, but what other evidence is there about his character that is at stark odds with the way he’s constantly being portrayed by the media?

What else?  After Steven Avery spent eighteen years in prison behind the faulty testimony of Penny Beerntsen, this is what he had to say:

It ain’t all her fault, you know.  Honest mistake, you know.

Then, when Steven Avery is accused of another heinous crime, you’d think that Penny Beerntsen might have had the ever loving decency to go against the grain of public opinion that mostly all went in one direction after the announcement of Steven Avery as top suspect in Teresa Halbach’s murder.  But when she was approached by Making A Murderer filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, this is what she had to say:

It was very clear from the outset that they believed Steve was innocent.  I didn’t feel they were journalists seeking the truth. I felt like they had a foregone conclusion and were looking for a forum in which to express it.

She also makes this comment:

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, Well, yeah, they do bear responsibility, because of the way they put together the footage. To me, the fact that the response was almost universally ‘Oh, my God, these two men are innocent’ speaks to the bias of the piece. A jury doesn’t deliberate twenty-some hours over three or four days if the evidence wasn’t more complex.

I hate to say it, but Penny Beerntsen seems like a truly awful human being despite being an old lady who owns a quaint little candy store and ice cream shop in Manitowoc.  The only people in town who would talk to the filmmakers were the Avery’s and the Avery defense team.  Everyone else, including sweet lil ol’ Penny, the Halbach’s, and Ken Kratz refused, and no sooner was the refusal given than they would all turn right around and level the accusation that the work had an intentional bias for not including their side.

You’d think that Penny would have a little more charity in her heart for Steven Avery given what she put him through, but nah, I guess that’s how a rich old arrogant bitch from the other side of the tracks rolls in Manitowoc.

Whether Steven Avery was an angel or not is not really the point.  Are you prepared to have YOUR character compared against the Dalai Lama’s?  What we know is that after his eighteen years of wrongful conviction he returned to work at his family business.

Steven Avery was trying to put his life back together.  He held a job, and he worked hard every day.  He had a girlfriend, and as a caring soul would, he called her every night while she was in jail. He didn’t go out at night to go play pool at the local tavern.  He didn’t drink.  He didn’t do drugs.

He lived his life in a quiet way.  He kept is trailer, and his car, and his property in decent condition.  On the day he was arrested he was visiting his daughter.  Trying to reestablish a relationship with his children, the children whose childhood he had missed thanks to Manitowoc County and Penny Beerntsen, was clearly one of his priorities .  None of this is in dispute.  Such a terrible guy, huh?

Show me a killer, and ninety nine times out of a hundred I’ll show you some evidence of a deranged mind.  Many who kill are alcoholics or avid drug users, and they are either drunk or high when they commit their murders.  Not Steven Avery.  Many killers show signs of deep mental illness, or a long established, escalating pattern of deviancy.  Despite what may have heard, Steven Avery didn’t show these signs.

Most killers are unable to keep orderly habits.  This clearly was not the case with Steven Avery.  In fact, show me anywhere in the annals of crime where a sober, clear thinking, hardworking, neat and orderly individual, at the age of 43 decides out of the clear blue to murder someone in broad daylight.  Sorry folks, it just doesn’t happen that way.



  • Its time to get on with this debacle against an innocent man. Let him get on with the normal life every person is entitled to. Set this man free and the kid.