Man Who Knows Steven Avery Talks About Him on Camera

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A few weeks ago, I was in Manitowoc Wisconsin by myself, but I didn’t think that would last very long. Yesterday, people arrived from distant places to attend a rally being held on the steps of the Manitowoc County Courthouse. It was sunny, but very cold, and a total of maybe thirty protestors from both sides showed up. We were probably outnumbered by the press, in fact.

Protesters in Manitowoc take to the steps of the courthouse after watching Making A Murderer

Protesters in Manitowoc take to the steps of the courthouse after watching Making A Murderer

The protest was peaceful and lasted for maybe a couple of hours at most. When it was over, I got some much needed rest, and then went out to Capone’s for a pint or two of Spotted Cow. I interviewed a younger man named Rock who knew Brendan Dassey and believed at least that he was innocent. He had gone to school with Brendan, and explained the utter absurdity of Brendan ever participating in the crime he was accused and convicted of. He also expressed that tis view was all but universally his peers. I asked if I could call him at some point to talk at greater length, and he stated that he would be happy to, so expect that interview to be forthcoming.

I have noticed, in talking to many of the locals here a slight shift in their point of view. I’m not sure if more people are having doubts about the guilt of Steven Avery, but there certainly did seem to be more who doubt Brendan was involved.

Overall, the matter is still very controversial in town, and many people who have dissenting views (ones favorable to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey) seem to be reluctant to have their voices heard. In the video, no fewer than four people turn their backs to the camera or try to obscure their faces. I was taping at a local watering hole, and at the end of the video, as you’ll see, I was asked to leave by a stocky young man who was working security.



  • This is just one story…since digital age these stories are now more well known…I know of small town politics as I was warned to watch it here making too much noise over my hubbys and my case from three years ago and the crackerjack court system here locally…just saying…we must invoke our rights or they will be stripped easily. I will remain vigilant…I will keep my head up and fight daily I will not give up til my hubby is home where a plea bargain accepted by the judge was dishonored by end mass incarceration on old cases where drugs is involved is a must…3 years later they sent a rehabilitated man to prison with no viable evidence for they lost the dash cam and erased mine, a convicted child rapist as the states witness, and a cop stalking us out of his jurisdiction who never was called upon as a witness for he was in another counties squad car. As I stated there is so very much more… #freedariannowak on Facebook to see the details as they unfold.

  • When you need credible information about criminal justice, ALWAYS consult with drunks at a bar. Always. Should be solved in no time.

  • Never knew this: From last nights NBC Dateline, narrative –that even though TH had been there before (Averys) she leaves this message–“I don’t have your address or anything so I can’t stop by without getting a call back from you.”—Did someone tell her to “get” a call from Avery?

    • The appointment was made in Barb Janda’s name. It was her van that was for sale. The prosecutors claim that this showed that Steven Avery wanted to hide the true location from Teresa Halbach. This phone message seems to support that idea. On the other hand, I read somewhere that she knew she was going to the Avery junkyard, in which case this message is a little confusing. Perhaps she knew it was at the junkyard but she didn’t know which house.

    • Are you sure this was about the Janda/Avery location and not the Zipperer location? I didn’t see the show (not being in America), so maybe they did have it right.

    • That message was left with the zipperers, not with Avery..she couldn’t find the zipperers house, so because she knew where SA was(been there before) she went their first.
      From what I’ve seen of the phone records this is what happened:
      TH leaves message with zipperers can’t find them 2:12
      SA call TH wondering where she is 2:24
      TH calls auto trader to say she was going to SA first because she knew where it was2:27
      SA calls TH as she pulls in, hangs up (short call)2:35
      TH leaves Averys around 235-245
      Arrives at zipperers mid-afternoon and 3:00 is joellen zipperers best guess but it could even be as late as 3:30 “or even a little later”.
      SA calls TH to ask her to come back and look at truckbed for auto trader 4:35
      So assuming she did go back to SA that still would not match the timeline add just simply would not work. Therefore, she was in trouble somewhere between 3-4:45 somewhere other than Avery auto salvage unless you believe SA called the phone and left that message to be his alibi. More likely that is not the case.
      We know Teresa finds Mrs Zipperer. We know she completed the transaction with Mrs Zipperer. What happened next? Mrs zipperer doesn’t say she remembers seeing Teresa even leave, so what’s next?

      • If your scenario is correct, there should be someone at Auto Trader who could testify that she said she was going to Averys place first. Or perhaps a voicemail message. Did that come out in the defense? It must not have, or else George Zipperer would be the main alternate suspect.

      • Do you (or anyone) have a link for the recordings that the investigators had? The clip I can find has the Barba Janda message and it sounds like part was cut out. Is there another clip that was from zipperers machine?

      • Brid get Moriarty

        The 4:35 phone call from Steve Avery was pinged from Chicago
        So subtract 2 hours . That call was made at 2:35.

        • Why subtract 2 hours? Chicago and Wisconsin are in the same timezone.
          But I agree, the Chicago tower call at 4.37 does NOT make sense. I’m thinking Steve is confused about that call with another one.

  • Freedom of speech applies to government entities, not local bars. Just saying.

  • Kratz preyed on victims and perps for years (media called sexting, portraying one victim in 2010) Can you find out if Hillegas or TH were ever in his purview? Why didn’t they find out whom was harassing TH as testified by her co-worker, “two to three weeks before her murder”? Did Hillegas abuse TH? Did TH go to Kratz? Begin to get texts? Did she reconcile w/Hillegas and tell him about the DA’s actions? Did Hillegas “accidently” kill her on the 1st? 2nd? Hillegas and Kratz were BOTH the original “investigators” (scrubbers) of her phone bill. In court when defense asks Cingular Wireless Rep how a call could have been received on the 2nd-Kratz objects on the basis the defense was claiming she was alive on the 2nd–BTW, he was the only one that came to that conclusion. They altered her phone bill to “prove” she was last seen alive on the 31st, the only way they could tie Avery to the crime.

  • I think it’s interesting to get locals to speak. It’s also interesting that a bar can ask you to leave when you’re already OUTSIDE. How does that work?

    The part about multiple access to the property is something that is hard to know unless you live there like that guy. In the Day 4 transcripts page 188 and onward, Todd Hermann from the MCSD testifies that on the day they found the car and were ‘guarding’, November 5, people from the civilian search party approached FROM the gravel pit/quarry entrance at the southwest entrance.

    So when ANY one says the place was blocked off, they are lying. As your pal at the bar said, there are many ways into the property. I lived on a 40 acre farm. You canNOT easily see what is going on a 1/4 mile away, through trees and a mass of cars. And at night, you would see even less.

    • Google Earth shows 20 ways to get into the salvage yard or more and it is interesting to see where the car was parked next to an easy back entrance and the Rav 4 was so dirty like it went in the back way.

  • He met him.
    That is not news worrthy son. Good luck.