Proof That Teresa Halbach Was Never Chained to Steven Avery’s Bed

Leg Irons

Does it look to you like these leg irons…

Leg Irons

Leg Irons

are long enough to span the distance between bedposts on this headboard…

Headboard to Steven Avery's Bed

Headboard to Steven Avery’s Bed

with these…

Oversized leg irons

Oversized leg irons

They are the biggest leg irons I could find on the internet.  This is how they are described on the website that is selling them:

Chicago Model 2500 Boot Cuff Oversized Leg Irons are 35% larger than standard leg irons, making them the largest leg irons on the market. Patterned after the discontinued, but very popular American Handcuff Company Model L600 Boot Cuffs. Oversized Leg Irons fit over cowboy boots, work-style boots, and even casts. Heavy duty nickel plated steel construction. Inside perimeter opens 11 1/8″ to 15 1/4″. 15″ chain, weigh 30 ounces. 2 keys included.

This is a chart…

graph showing standard mattress dimensions

Chart which shows standard mattress dimensions


…which shows that the smallest mattress listed, a twin, is at least 39″ in width.  To this, add on at least another 6″ for the bedposts to bring the span that the leg irons would have need to cover to 45″.  If Steven Avery’s bed had been a full size mattress, its width would have been at least 54″ making what is already impossible even more impossible.

In case I wasn’t clear about enough about the length of OVERSIZED leg irons, they only span



You may ask why this is important?  Well, the reason it is important is because the persecution at Steven Avery’s and Brendan Dassey’s trial introduced these leg irons into evidence and convinced a jury that they were used to chain Teresa Halbach, a woman who was killed on October 31st, 2005, to Steven Avery’s bed.  Apparently no one ever bothered to measure the length of these leg irons, but I’m pretty sure if they had, the distance from cuff to cuff would be 15″ or fewer.

How then are we to regard the part of Brendan Dassey’s “confession” that describes how Teresa Halbach was chained to Steven Avery’s bed with this restraint and a pair of regular handcuffs?

Let’s review the relevant part of the confession:

FASSBENDER: Describe again, were you accurate when you described how she was on
the bed, how is she attached, where is she, tell us that and be truthful again.

BRENDAN: That she was chained up to the bed and, ‘er she’s faced up.
FASSBENDER: Face up, no clothes on?
BRENDAN: (shakes head “no”) Uh uh.
WIEGERT: What do you mean she’s chained up, explain that.
BRENDAN: Like some handcuffs.
WIEGERT: Where are the handcuffs? On her arms or on her less. or where?
FASSBENDER: Do you remember the color of the handcuffs? And the leg irons? (shakes head “no”)
BRENDAN: Like regular ones.
FASSBENDER: Which would be what color?
BRENDAN: Silver.


FASSBENDER: What, what ah, tell me again what he told you was back there? Who or
BRENDAN: That Teresa Halbach was back there. That she was on the bed naked with
she was chained up to the bed.

FASSBENDER: OK. You told us about going in there and having sex with her that she was handcuffed and’ and chained, oK? ultimately and then you said you left the bedroom for a period of time and, and he talked ta you in the living room, right?

Is this confession still credible to you?  In any way?



  • Only in the interrogation did he mention chains, something detectives needed for prosecution, but in his drawings he
    “Stated Rope” A UK detective on YouTube did pick up on this in 2016 and said it wasn’t credible in our court.
    He also said that as the “Blood Vial” from the previous exoneration had not been “Disposed of” It would have been thrown out

  • Not at all, they didn’t even have DNA so it shouldn’t have been used at trial, also because Brendan said “Rope” was used and wrote it on his picture for Smelly O’Kelly.