Steven Avery’s Blood: The Last Piece of The Puzzle

blood vial

Making a Murderer premiered on the 18th of December.  I believe I watched it the next day all the way through, and again all the way through the next day.  Not a good sleeper to begin with, this has made the problem dramatically worse.  I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow is a record day of work call offs and lowered productivity owing to insomnia.

When I saw Ryan Hillegas’ court testimony, and watched it over and over again about thirty times, I knew, from all of my experience being around criminals, and the books I’d ever read, and other things that will for now be unnamed, he had to have done it.

See, the problem the public is having with this case is that it makes no sense.  There’s a vial of blood in police evidence that appears to have been tampered with?  Maybe the blood at the crime scene was taken from this vial?  It certainly seems like very strong inculpatory (to use one of Ken Kratz’s cherished expressions) evidence against the police.

But if the police were planting evidence, why would their theory involve a crime scene mostly unconnected with the RAV 4 where Avery’s blood was found?  And I hate to say it, but Ken Kratz was right — if you believe the cops planted the evidence, then it’s basically impossible that they didn’t kill Teresa also.  But if they did kill her, that means that had to have known where the killing took place.  And that means it had to have taken place where they said it had taken place, either in Steve Avery’s bedroom or the garage.  But if the police were about planting evidence, certainly there is absolutely no reason that Teresa’s blood and bodily fluids wouldn’t have ended up in either the bedroom or the garage.  Yes, it appears to be an insoluble riddle.

Admittedly, it took me a while to figure out too, or at least develop a theory that would explain it. Ryan Hillegas was certainly my top suspect, but for a long time,  the only plausible scenario explaining how me might have obtained his own supply of Steven Avery’s blood was the same evidence vial where the cops, in many people’s mind, seemed to get it.  But it still seemed like a very unlikely scenario given that he would have somehow had to have broken into the police evidence room, and somehow located it.  That theory is obviously quite problematic for many reasons, and as unlikely as it is,  it may still prove correct.  But I came up with an alternative theory that I regard as far more plausible after doing some rudimentary research.

As it so happens, Ryan Hillegas has a public Facebook page.  I looked through what there was to look through, and found, as the very last thing, buried under all of his other posts, a mention that he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2005 as a registered nurse.

Very soon after seeing that, I immediately booked a flight to Milwaukee with the intention of going up to Manitowoc to see if I would be able to prove that Steven Avery’s blood and Ryan Hillegas were once in the same room at the same time.  If that is true, I very much doubt that the vial still exists.  If Ryan obtained the blood, most likely he would have disposed of that blood too (unless he just happened to know for some reason that the police still had Steven Avery’s blood around from 1985.  And if he didn’t certainly someone else did between now and ten years ago.  It would be nice if the blood (assuming there was any) is still around, but electronic medical records, something HIllegas may not have been clever enough to tamper with, probably still are.  And if they are, it may be just enough to put Avery’s blood together with Ryan Hillegas at the same time.

Now that the internet has found the highly incriminating deep claw marks on the hands of Ryan Hilllegas he is likely to become the intense focus of public scrutiny from all corners of the globe.  It will be interesting to see if this one final piece falls into place.  And as soon as this happens, mirabile dictu, the sooner we can free Brendan and Steve.

Ryan Hillegas, if you’re reading this, and I have every reason to believe you are, you should know that if you murdered Teresa Halbach, your days as a free man are numbered.