Attention Zellner!

Shiny New Key

All of the documents that have been made public about the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder and the subsequent trial of Steven Avery are on a website set up by an anonymous person who goes by the handle Skipp Topp.  The photographs pertaining to the case are divided into two categories: the ones used as trial exhibits, and ones that weren’t that go under the heading “unofficial”.

There’s nothing unofficial about the photos that weren’t used at trial except for the fact that they weren’t used at trial.  In any case, what I’m getting at here is that until now, at least as presenting photographic documentation for discussions of matters related to the 1999 Toyota RAV4 keys involved in this case, I’ve used only the photos that were used as trial exhibits.  What I discovered, however, is that some of the photos under the “unofficial” heading are actually a lot better, even in terms of resolution.  I invite you to compare for yourself, even.  Taking one of the most important pics in this entire case showing the key on the floor of Steven Avery’s bedroom, this one, the one used as a trial exhibit is much blurrier than the one not used as an exhibit.  Strange, no?

In my second to last post, I believe I also mentioned that the trial exhibit photos of the valet key were given a yellowish tint in order to obscure the fact that the fact that it was a brand new key.  Luckily, I was able to find a version of this same exact photograph in the “unofficial” bin that shows very clearly that it is a freshly made, hardly used key.

There is no filter on this key

Shiny New Key

Key taken from Steven Avery's bedroom

Key allegedly taken from Steven Avery’s bedroom

The one thing that no amount of yellow tinting on the photograph could hide, though, are all of the fresh key cuts that give it away as a new key.  When I gave it to the locksmith to look at, he said he thought he could see would even looked like brush markers from the buffing that they do right before they hand you a new key so it’s not so rough handling.

More importantly than all of this is the fact that the blade of the key in the photograph taken of the key in Steven Avery’s trailer doesn’t match the key photograph taken my Jeremy Hawkins on 7/12/2006.  This should be regarded as clear proof that the key in Steven Avery’s bedroom was planted, and it should be a pretty big deal by now in the media.  To me, it is quite baffling that it isn’t.