Bradley Czech?

Bradley Czech and Teresa Halbach


I guess the folks over at the have turned up some new documents that shed a little light on Teresa Halbach’s personal life.  According to a police report written by none other than Scott Wiegert and Sheriff Pagel on November 4,2005,  a woman calling herself Jolene Bain reported being a good friend of Teresa Halbach, and privy to intimate details of her personal life viz. Bradley Czech, a young man who had worked as a DJ in the Manitowoc area.

Jolene Bain tells Weigert and Pagel that Teresa had taken nude pictures of “DJ Bradley” and his then wife (they were divorced shortly after this).

Interestingly, the very last line of the report records that Jolene Bain tells Weigert and Pagel that Teresa had reported to her that DJ Bradley had been making unwanted overtures by telephone.

What to make of this?  First, it sure would be interesting to get Bradley Czech’s alibi for the day Teresa went missing.  He was working in the area at the time as a DJ, so maybe he was busy somewhere doing this?  Certainly wouldn’t have been unusual for a DJ to be booked on Halloween.

Bradley Czech’s name came up in the Rolling Stone article from the 7th of April, and he was also mentioned in trial transcripts where it was reported that he and Teresa had both a professional and personal relationship, but it hasn’t been clear until today whether this was a “romantic” relationship if Jolene Bain is to be believed.  Of course, according to Jolene, it didn’t sound like the relationship was too romantic, but it was sexual.

Moreover, if you look up Bradley Czech, you will find that he’s been no stranger to the courthouse over the years.  There was a restraining order filed by his wife, just prior to Teresa Halbach’s murder, and it also looks like he’d had an eviction and a few settlements for what looks like money he owed someone.

In my view, however, if Bradley Czech had something to do with Teresa Halbach’s death or disappearance, I believe that he would have been a stronger suspect in and around that the Manitowoc area at the time.  As it was, not more than a day after the announcement of her disappearance, a woman stepped forward, in the presence of Teresa’s friends, to implicate him.  Though, according to the report, Teresa’s friends were asked to leave the room while Jolene made her report, it is very difficult to imagine that they press Jolene for details about what transpired between her, Pagel and Weigert.

Even if the police never bothered to ask Czech for an alibi, it is impossible to imagine that Teresa’s friends didn’t do everything within their power to satisfy their own suspicions.  If Czech had remained a loose end, it’s doubtful that the community would have fully gotten on board with the prosecution’s theory that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were responsible for the death of Teresa Halbach.

On the other hand, if it is true that Ryan Hillegas was stalking Teresa Halbach, and was able to track her movements by listening to her voicemail, going through online phone records, and possibly even reading her email, it is not difficult to imagine that such information, had it detailed the exact nature of Teresa’s relationship with Czech, could have sent Ryan in to a flight of jealous rage, and all the more so for it being partial information given that ones imagination, especially in these circumstances, has a tendency overfill gaps.

Before I had heard that Teresa and Bradley Czech were having sex, I had speculated that if Teresa had found a new lover, Ryan’s violation of her privacy had the potential to cause Ryan a great deal of emotional torment.

We shall see.





  • “In my view, however, if Bradley Czech had something to do with Teresa Halbach’s death or disappearance, I believe that he would have been a stronger suspect in and around that the Manitowoc area at the time.”

    In my view, Czech could have had Teresa’s blood, clothing, and computer in his car and MCSD would have looked the other way and pinned it on Avery.

    • Maybe so, but I think members of the community would have wondered about Czech a lot more than they appear to be wondering about Hillegas and and Mike Halbach. Czech, you see, was much more of an outsider. Hillegas (so far as I know) and Halbach are insiders in and around Manitowoc. I think people would be more likely to come forward, even now, to point the finger at Czech. I was going to save this for a later post, but I should also mention that both Bloedorn and Czech did actually offer alibis after all. So, as it stands, the only two people who weren’t officially asked for alibis were Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas.

  • I don’t remember exactly which page but it’s within the last thousand page massive bundle release.


    CASO-Investigative-Report – Page 45

    “BRADLEY did indicate that TERESA mentioned to him that she had slept with her roommate, SCOTT, several
    times and that she had regretted it, but had gotten over the awkwardness of being involved with

  • Scott bloedorn.

  • So how do you feel seeing the nemesis where it is admitted that TH did in fact have a casual sexual relationship with SB also?