Hillegas Refuses to Offer Alibi for October 31st, 2005

Well everyone, I’m very excited to report that it’s now official. Since posting Ryan’s phone number last night, for the first time in over ten years–since the murder of Teresa Halbach–it is certain that Ryan Hillegas has been directly asked to furnish an alibi for October 31st, 2005, and I now know that he’s refused to provide one for that day.

I know because one of my loyal readers called Ryan Hillegas, and was kind enough to report what happened during their exchange:

So I spoke to Mr Hillegas, I said my name is Patty and I’m calling from Lincoln NE and was sorry to bother, but was hoping he could solve an argument between my husband and I, that being: Do you have an alibi for Oct 31 2005? You do, right? Long pause and then he said something like “God, turn off the tv, get a life” I said okey, dokey-prob the same time he hung up.  It was weird, why not say-“of course I do” call me a name and hang up. I don’t know how to explain it, but I got the sense he’s totally oblivious to the article in the Rolling Stone, or to the 1000’s of people that suspect him. I looked at my co worker and said he’s really going to have to work on a statement of some sort.  So, he didn’t answer the question….hmmmm

Ryan.  The world is not going to stop asking for your albi.  You and your Wisconsin friends may have a reason for wanting people to believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty, but the rest of the world has considerable doubt, and you’re becoming the lead suspect, not just in my mind, but in everyone’s mind.  Why don’t you do yourself a HUGE favor and simply tell everyone where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with on October 31st, 2005?



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