Something Isn’t Quite Right

Button with image ofTeresa Halbach's

That’s Teresa.  Oh wait!  Look VERY carefully at this picture that Mr. Hillegas currently has prominently displayed on his facebook.  Do you see the spectral image of Ryan? The receding hairline?  The sunglasses?  It seems like someone wants us to think, assuming we notice in the first place, that we are looking at his reflection.  But if it isn’t this, how did it get there?





  • You need to get a life.

  • I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at here.

    • Teresa.
      She was a professional photographer.
      Photographers take pictures.
      Some like them, others may not.
      There is usually a reason they don’t.
      Did Teresa have unfavorable pictures?
      Perhaps on her computer?
      Perhaps not blackmail but protection.
      Seems she was afraid of something.
      And/or peroccupied with her death.
      Something or someone.
      About old boyfriend or brother?
      Or even a crusade…
      Against something… like the mob?