Teresa Halbach’s Old Website

The last few days I’ve been meditating on the material in the trial transcripts wherein Mike Halbach stated that he had created a photography website for his sister Teresa, and therefore knew the backend server password to said website which conveniently happened to also be the pin number to Teresa’s voicemail.

I did a little research and found that Teresa did have her own website, teresaphoto.com, and that there were was not an insignificant amount of archival material at web.archive.org spanning about a decade.

The Web Archive is not a collection of images of websites going back in time, taken at intervals.  The service actually preserve some semblance of the inner working bits, the html, say, of the actual website itself exactly as it existed at a certain point in time.  It’s far from a complete record though, and you’ll usually find broken links, missing photos, and so forth, but it can nevertheless prove to be quite useful.

The Web Archive took “snapshots” of Teresaphoto.com fairly regularly during the first year or two it was online.  The earliest ones show the website much as it existed around the time it was created, minus the pictures.

This is the about page:

Teresaphoto.com About Page

Teresaphoto.com About Page

And there are many other pages, including a contact and pricing page that you can view by heading over to the Web Archive.

There is plenty more to glean by looking not just at the content, but also how the page changed over time.  For example, the first snapshot was taken in November of 2005, and that shows that the website was up and operational.  The site continued on in its original state through October 4th, 2006, but by December 5th of that year, the site was taken offline.

It stayed offline for a many, many years, but, in 2011, it seems to have come back to life again!

The Odd Reappearance of Teresaphoto.com

The Odd Reappearance of Teresaphoto.com

I know that this probably seems a bit startling, especially since the young woman in the photo looks to be around Teresa Halbach’s age, (and even resembles her a bit, I’d say), but in all likelihood, this is probably just a GoDaddy auto generated splash page.

By 2013 the site is back to being a generic GoDaddy splash page again, without the image of the female, but featuring the following incitement:

The owners of the domain name teresaphoto.com are accepting offers from interested parties willing to obtain ownership rights over the domain name. You may learn more about how to place your offer by clicking HERE.

I wonder who it is that owns the domain?  Has it been the same owner all along?  How much would be regarded an an acceptable offer?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions, but there are five more pieces about the domain to be had over here.

  1. The first is that there is an 8/15/2015 created date
  2. The domain is good for two years at it expires 8/15/2017
  3. The Name Servers are: NS25.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
  4. It looks like someone paid for an add on service called Domains By Proxy
  5. The registrar for the domain is GoDaddy

Lastly, there is one photo from the website which did survive.  It is a discount coupon offering 10% off family portraits and Christmas cards, valid through December 1, 2005.

This coupon reveals something about Teresa, I should think, not evident at a glance.  If you look closely, just underneath where her telephone is listed, you’ll see an email address listed, and it reads: teresaphotography@yahoo.com.  Over to the left of this text, she directs those interested in finding out more about her business to go to pearcephotography.com.   But the contact page on her website lists info@teresaphoto.com as her email address, and since her own website features the coupon, one can infer that they coupon was made before her website was created.  This shows me that Teresa was independent, enterprising and ambitious.




  • That image (the girl part) is an old stock image that used to appear on lots of expired websites/domains, definitely nothing to do with TH or anybody else.

    Keep up your good work though, the rest of the site is very good, perhaps you could team up with John Ferak, his recent story about the quarries in the TH case is very interesting indeed.

  • I do not understand the relevancy to the case. She had a job and was ambitious just like Ryan and most people. Why is this something to meditate on for days? I am sincere with my question so hope this one goes through. My first one you will not put on on blog.

  • Maybe it is her family that bought the site to keep her work somewhat alive. I see you have to have a login to see it all.

  • This is what you meditated on for a few days? No wonder you told Jessie Hicks you cannot find a job. You have an obsession that goes far beyond an interest. The girl looks nothing like Teresa.