Teresa Halbach’s Outer Circle

Over the past few days I’ve set my mind to thinking about the implications of Ryan Hillegas’ guilt with respect to the reactions of Teresa Halbach’s family members.  This previous post really goes into detail, but if you don’t want to read all of it, the gist of that speculation has to do with whether Ryan Hillegas is known by Teresa Halbach’s family to be her killer, and the implications that flow from this article of a priori reasoning.  I speculate that all of Teresa’s inner circle would have to know or heavily suspect Ryan if Ryan did kill her.  But if Ryan murdered Teresa, why does Teresa’s inner circle seem to be satisfied with Brendan Dassey’s and Steven Avery’s conviction?  We can conclude that either Ryan did not kill Teresa, or, if he did, there is a very high probability that the Halbach family is holding a very dark secret.

I must confess there is a bit of a problem with my suppositions.  If Ryan killed Teresa, and the Halbach family knows about this, it is not just they who would be holding on to a dark secret, but lots of people. If the Halbachs know the truth, then the ironclad certainty about this fact would radiate outwardly in diminishing intensity from its point of origin, much like the force of an exploding bomb that has found the bullseye of its target.  Those without utter certainty would have a heavy suspicion, and those without such suspicions quite as heavy would still have serious doubts, and this blast wave of suspicion and doubt would only come to gradually diminish as it reached the outer perimeter of Teresa’s social circle until it faded away into the sussorous bruits of whispers and rumors.

A de facto gag order issued by someone in the inner circle to others within it would show an inverse effectiveness in direct proportion to the number of people it had been issued to.  So some, at some distance outside of the inner shell of this omerta would not have any qualms about sharing their doubts with others or even making an official report to the authorities.  They wouldn’t know any better.

So, I would reason that if Ryan killed Teresa it quite possible and even likely that someone made a report to the authorities about their suspicions about Ryan, and if this happened, there should be evidence of it available to the public.  If there was a fight between Ryan Hillegas and Bradley Czech or between Ryan and some other male at the Halloween party that Teresa was known to have gone to on October 30th, surely someone would have called this in after Teresa’s disappearance was publicized in the local media.

Then again, not.  Maybe no one who had suspicions about Ryan ever did call in to voice them to the authorities.  Who but those within the inner circle would have would have a strong suspicion it was Ryan early on?  Who would dare call in such a report before her 1999 Toyota RAV4 was found?  No one knew for sure she was dead until the vehicle was found (and even then it wasn’t absolutely certain), and there was no time between the discovery of the RAV4 and what essentially amounted to the announcement that Steven Avery was the prime suspect.  This announcement might very well have dampened or even blocked out the impulse anyone would have had to call in their suspicions about Ryan.

So if by chance no one called in during the brief window of time between the public notice of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance and the announcement of Steven Avery as the lead suspect, one would still expect maybe someone who had harbored suspicions about Ryan Hillegas to give some notice of them after Making A Murderer first aired.  Well, someone did do this, actually, by posting a comment on reddit before they quickly deleted it.  Luckily, I was able to obtain a screenshot before it went down:

That screenshot doesn’t prove anything, of course, and it was posted long after the fact.  But if someone, even a single person DID make such a call during the time when there was an active, ongoing investigation, what a mangy black rabid dog of an irony it would be since the police sat on their hands the first time Steve Avery was falsely convicted and had to spend twenty bitter years of his life in a fucking prison cell.  We now know that the Manitowoc sheriff’s department were approached repeatedly with credible reports from credible parties who tried unsuccessfully to direct their attention to who it later turned out to be Penny Beerntsen’s real attacker.  What incomprehensible wickedness the first time.  And a second time?  Wow.



  • Why would anyone view him as a suspect? Only reason is MAM behavior which looks bad if you judge a mans guilt or innocence on a docuseries which is irresponsible. Agreed? When are you willing to expand your reasoning of what went down? Who where and why? You have not.yet come to a conclusion this was a planned frame job?

    • The more complex things are, the less likely they are to be true.

    • Ryan didn’t bother to disclose he and Teresa use to be lovers to investigators. Her family didn’t either. He made 3 phone calls to AT&T customer service. Did he have one of Teresa’s girlfriends lie to get her account login information? He sure as hell didn’t guess it like he testified. He had absolutely NO reason to call Teresa’s cellphone provider.

      Someone in law enforcement called him 20+ times on Nov 4th. He moved into Teresa’s house. He was never asked for an alibi for the time around Oct 31st, not did he provide one. He saw Teresa on the 30th but has no idea what time of day it was. I don’t believe that for a second, many of us don’t.

      Ryan entered the ASY at least once under a false name. Why was he allowed on the property at all?

      Last thing I have is just as interesting. Ryan and Teresa talked by phone almost daily. That is until Oct 25th. What happened? There is a reason those calls stopped.

      The real fact is Ryan was never investigated at all, yet he WAS close to her. They had been intimate for years. All of these questions (and more) should have been answered years ago. They weren’t and that’s why there is real suspicion about his involvement in this case. He was NEVER excluded and THAT calls the real motives of these investigators into question.

      • Someone gets it. I can’t tell you how relieved I am by that. But let me ask you a question. My argument is that if Ryan Hillegas killed Teresa Halbach, don’t you think it is likely that her close family members know? All the facts you recited about Ryan are surely known just as well by the Halbachs. If so, why are they protecting Ryan?