Prince Rupert’s Drops and The Tiny Tip of The Tail

prince rupert's drop exploding

This site, heretofore, has mainly been concerned with delving into the Netflix series, Making A Murderer as frequent readers know,  but creating a forum to thoughtfully discuss the proximal issues foregrounded by the series, whether Avery is guilty, or not, is ultimately a pretext by which I hope to engage this audience in broader topics having to do with power.

And so it seems this is in accordance with the wishes of the filmmakers who have recently stated, in so many words, that our outrage is misplaced if it extends no further than the question of guilt or innocence in individual cases.

If you can leave aside your thoughts of Avery’s or Dassey’s guilt or innocence, was there anything at all about the way the case was handled that caused you concern?  Did the two men get a fair trial?  Should they be given a new trial?  If the overwhelming amount of Americans believe in Avery and Dassey’s innocence what is the most effective way in exerting our influence?

The President has already been petitioned by hundreds of thousands of citizens, to no avail as he claims that what power he does have has no jurisdiction within an individual state.  For that, we would have to look to Wisconsin’s governor for remedy, but he has stated that he will not be granting pardons.

If the majority of Wisconsinites believe that Avery and Dassey should remain in prison, Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker,  who, in his fiefdom is insulated from undesirable political fallout unless he decides to run for president again.  We may decide to leave it at that, and, feeling powerless, conclude that any further advocacy for Steve and Brendan is futile, or we can decide to conceive of creative ways to remove Mr. Walker’s blanket of insulation.

But how?  I would suggest that we may like to start by thinking about where Power is most vulnerable.  Prince Rupert’s Drops being nothing more than molten glass dripped into cold water may serve as a useful metaphor.  The bulbous head of these tadpole shaped drops, also know as Dutch Tears, are invulnerable to insult and, quite unlike most glass objects, are able to maintain form against even violent hammer strikes. But if you strike at the long thin tail, Prince Rupert’s Drops will instantly, and quite dramatically disintegrate.

Power, if we can consider that an abstract notion, may also be much like Prince Rupert’s Drops.  To destroy the head, you must start with the tail, and the tail could be something nearly invisible.  If one had enough power to reduce the confiscatory fines for speeding tickets by ninety percent, you’d have well over half the amount of power you’d need to change the world.  Once we’ve figured out that much, it’s only a matter of deciding where to strike, when to strike, and how.




  • Wow….awesome Daniel…I love to learn new things and had never heard of Prince Ruperts drops…thank you.

    Now on to your question of how to break the tail. While the President may not have the power to meddle in a states decision he most certainly does have the power to order a federal investigation into corruption of the judicial system, law enforcement and evidence mishandling that led to the violation of 2 defendants civil rights as guaranteed by the constitution.

    There is also (I believe) a federal guideline regarding the recording of interrogations, police body cameras and other related “transparency” initiatives that most states are being lackadaisical about implementing. I believe more rigorous enforcement by the federal government is in order.

    Harsh penalties should be passed for any member of law enforcement or the judiciary that engages in any activity that violates constitutional rights with the potential penalty being equal to or greater than the penalty that the defendant would have faced.

    Petitions to Congress and or the Attorney General of the United States, I believe, would be the “proper” people to address with these issues.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong….

    • Ugh..don’t see a way to edit my post so I must reply to my own post…sorry….

      Just wanted to add that anything that undermines the citizens confidence in the fairness and integrity of the judicial system creates a hostile populace which in turn jeopardizes NATIONAL SECURITY. Where is Homeland Security when you need them? Time to go all Guantanamo on some crooked bastards….

  • Wow! My head is spinning. I’m totally disoriented. But I can only conclude that you’ve abandoned your obsessive pursuit to prove Ryan killed Teresa Halbach. I guess that’s good. Did you learn something that shot down your theory?

  • Great video.
    Call me.