Tell Judge Easterbrook How You Feel

This is the face of the judge who sealed Brendan Dassey’s fate.  His name is Frank Easterbrook, and he a professor at the University of Chicago.  Here is even more information about him on Wikipedia.

If you would like to reach him to express how you feel about the ruling, he has made his phone and email public on his profile page:




One comment

  • Your decision on Brendan dassey is and will be your forever spiral down the proverbial drain! You and your shameful colleagues that went against an innocent young man, is a huge injustice, and it will never go unseen , you are a shameful excuse for the word “judge”. A judge is supposed to be judging evidence , to which you had “zero” in this case, you went against your own better judgement all to save face and wallets of the corrupt! In the end let’s remember who the real judge is…”GOD” and your deplorable act of helping the corrupt remain at large, will not be judged kindly come YOUR judgement day