Trump’s America

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These kinds of things happen with regularity in America these days.  Let the rest of the world be warned.  The context of this execution is that the ethos of the American Christian Conservative (ACC) now has hegemony in the United States.

If you’re curious about why there has been no justice for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, this is the reason.  Ken Kratz, Brad Schimel, Norm Gahn, Paul Walker—all men who at various times held the fate of either Steven or Brendan in their hands, are all beholden to the toxic mindset of the ACC.

I should mention that I know the culture of the ACC very well because I grew up in it.  At bottom, it is a worldview mostly informed by the bible, or, at least the ACCs interpretation of the bible.  These are the people who control government right now, and that is something which I hope you find quite terrifying because their belief system is, or should be a relic of a bygone era.  The following list is a fair representation of what they believe and how they think:

  • Jesus is coming back, and we’re probably in the Last Days.
  • Global warming is hoax perpetrated by the Left.  God promised mankind the earth, and there is nothing man can do, even if he tried, to despoil it.
  • Evolution is a satanic idea foisted upon the world by secularists to deceive mankind
  • Any form of socialism is the handiwork of Satan.  This would include such things as social security, government food benefits for the needy, and universal healthcare
  • Capital punishment is good thing
  • You cannot trust anyone with a college education, especially if they have a liberal arts degree of any kind.
  • More politicians like Roy Moore and Donald Trump are needed
  • God wants you to have guns.  Lots of them

This is just a partial list, but it will hopefully give you some kind of idea of the mindset, and I expect conditions in America to get a lot worse before there is any hope of anything getting better.



  • Here Daniel.
    Solid facts.

    Trump’s America? First, Shavers was shot and killed January 18, 2016, while Obama was President.

    Secondly, Former US Attorney General, Peg Lautenschlager, (Democrat) handpicked by Bill Clinton in 1993 and trained by The Clinton Administration, is who controlled the framing of Steven Avery. & Backlogged the State Crime Lab in 2003, so 900 innocent other Steven Avery’s couldn’t go free.

    Funny, you didn’t mention how AAG Thomas J. Fallon, was working in her Office and was the state pull, NOT Ken Kratz.

    Then you go into this huge spill about Christians in this article, but fail to realize Janet Reno who covered up WACO, was Lautenschlager’s role model and heroine. Which, it is a fact Jerry Buting helped Lautenschlager to fund monies for Reno to make an appearance at the Avery Task Force on April 22, 2004, to talk about Tunnel Vision.

    & lets talk about Steven and Brendan rotting away in prison. Your previous president, Obama, a Democrat, failed to help Brendan and Steven get out of prison. Yet, pardoned 82 Muslims connected to terroristic crimes, using not only explosives but militant guns illegal to own.

    Oh, let me guess—it’s only a crime though if the Republicans are in office and the Liberals are crying about it?

    I once thought you to be intelligent to a degree.
    Now, you’re just down right ignorant in a land slide sloped in the back of your own mind…


  • I have followed your work and supported most of your theories for a long time now. I am a Christian, conservative republican that believes that the case made against SA & BD was a political CYA put together by M county to save themselves. Which is the exact same thing that politicians are doing to President Trump. All of the evidence of wrong doing points to Clinton & several other politicians yet they are trying to push the case against President Trump with absolutely no evidence.

    You, of all people, should be able to identify this in a split second. With so much corruption in politics, they knew that an outsider like Trump, that had not been bought through political scandal and hush money, could blow the top off of their gravy train if elected. SA was going to bankrupt M county and destroy all of the power players, if you will, that were in charge. So they got him. Exactly what Washington DC is doing to President Trump.

    Think about it, a man that has had his entire life on film and they can come up with ONE thing. A recording of him having locker room talk 10 years ago. That’s it. Everyone of them called him a friend until he threatened their gravy train. Now all of a sudden he is a racist, Nazi, rapist that is mentally unfit?!?! And they just found out?!?! Bulls—! So basically it is the same as SA. Either he is a low IQ fool or a criminal mastermind. But you cannot be both. M county asks you to believe that he is both just as politicians ask you to believe the same of President Trump. Come on man…

    As for being a Christian:

    I do believe that Jesus will return. I don’t think it will be any time in the near future, but someday.

    I do not think global warming is a hoax. I do believe that it is cyclical and that for every scientist that says we are doomed in 100 years there is one that says it is a part of the natural cycle. I believe that it is a political vehicle that has generated trillions of dollars of profit for and by a lot of the world’s politicians. Just like M county, follow the money and the truth will always show up.

    I believe in evolution virtually 100%. I truly believe that God utilized evolution over billions of years to create the Earth exactly as he wanted it. Once it was as he saw perfect, he created man. This is why every single animal on the planet can be completely traced back to pond scum except one… humans. Science is still not capable of showing the enormous leap from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens. I also believe that a day to God is a far greater time than a day to man. Thus the God created all in seven days. What is a day to a God?

    Every form of socialism is not bad. An entire society of socialism is. As an American, I love every American. I want all of us to have the help and support we need when we are not able to provide it for ourselves. However, it is supposed to be help not be a way of life. Everyone should get what they earn and if they are perfectly able to go out and earn, yet they CHOOSE not to, then they should be given nothing. And I don’t think Satan has anything to do with it.

    Capital punishment is only a good thing when it is 100% iron clad proven that a human has taken the life of another human and it was not in self defense. Period.

    3 of my 6 children have a college education (the others are too young) and I trust all of them. What I don’t trust is a system that has 96% of it’s professor’s having the same view and pushing that agenda on young minds that are easily manipulated when they are only shown one side of an argument. Why do you think SA & BD couldn’t have had a fair trial. EVERYONE was of the view that they were guilty and trying to destroy M county. Being in ANY environment that only one side of an argument is presented is nothing else but dangerous.

    I don’t know much about Moore except that he has been a public office holder for 40 years and not one thing was said until now and one of his accusers just admitted today to forging some of the writing in her yearbook that she had claimed he wrote. More people like President Trump? ABSOLUTELY. People that are running for office for one reason, they love America. I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat if you are running because you truly love America. We can agree to disagree but as long as your motives are not skewed I’ll vote for that all day long. Think about it, they call him a racist and yet not one person has ever said they heard him say anything racist or even acted racist towards anyone and his entire dang life has been recorded. The racism charge came from his stance on immigration which is hilarious because EVERYTHING he said about illegal immigrants has been said by Obama, Clinton (both of them) and Bush (both of them as well)!!!! This is what they hate, he is actually doing what he said he was going to do and it scares politicians to death because they don’t. He is unraveling their free ride and they are screaming. Take a look at the net worth of every Senator & Congressman when they got elected and look at their net worth now and you will see why they are in a panic. Again, follow the money.

    I don’t know if God wants us to have guns or not, however, as long as criminals have access to guns and the Police take an average of 17 minutes to show up to a 911 call, I want law abiding citizens to have guns. It is easy for politicians to say you don’t need a gun because they have body guards that just happen to be carrying GUNS!

    I just thought maybe you would like to hear from one of your followers, that believes you do great work and shine the light on a lot of things that I completely agree with you on, but is also the conservative, Christian that you think is making the world so bad.

    • All of the politicians that control BDs fate are conservatives. Brad Schimel is Republican. Paul Walker, same. Even Ken Kratz. I’m pretty sure that the judges who just sealed Brendan’s fate are all also appointees by conservatives. Anyway, thank you for your comments. For one thing, you did validate my point concerning what I ascribed as typical ACC beliefs. Nevertheless, on a human level, I have no doubt you care about justice, as is true for many millions of ACC.

      Here is something you should watch, and when you’re done, I would like your opinion about whether Norway or America has a more “Christian” prison and justice system. Norway, as I’m sure you know, is a socialist country, and most of its inhabitants would describe themselves as atheists:

      • A very compelling ideal. That would work here if we had the same scenario. A population of only 5 million (the size of Boston) 4th highest per capita in the world, 159th (near the best) crime rate in the world, 87% of the population is over 10th generation or more because they are considered one of the strictest immigration enforcing countries in the world, (they don’t let folks in unless they follow the rules) and they have been run by a conservative party (which took power from the liberal government) since 1981. With tax cuts, deregulation of markets, and measures to curb record-high inflation, they paid off the nations debt in 9 years and now have over a trillion dollars of sovereign wealth so they can afford such programs. They are staunch nationalists that raise their children to love Norway, oh, and 80% of their population is Christian.

        In such a small ideal scenario with very few criminals to work on, it looks like it works great.

        However, we live in a country at least 70 times that population, with the 15th per capita, 14th highest crime rate in the world, only 68% of the population is at least 3rd generation or more because we have been one of the weakest immigration enforcing countries in the world, and we have been run by a liberal agenda for 16 of the last 24 years that has put us in an insurmountable amount of debt. We are now told that if we raise our children to love the USA and be nationalist (like Norway) then we are racist. Children are told they are owed everything and not to respect authority so rather than work for what the want the commit crimes. Oh, and our Christian population has dropped from 75% 40 years ago to 56% now.

        So, tell me, do you see a common thread?

        • No I don’t see a common thread because you have your facts wrong. Norway is a Christian nation in name only. In reality they are a socialist country, and the majority of the citizens neither go to church (except on a few special occasions) nor believe in God. In this way, they are not too very different from the rest of Europe.

          In any case, the reason their prison system is so much different is because they have a different mentality, and they take a different, one might say “christ-centered” approach. By “christ-centered”, I mean that there is not wholesale condemnation and exploitation of the person sitting in prison like there is in the United States. In Norway, as in much of the rest of Europe, it is believed that the a person should be able to restore himself, and they make it their mission to bring the person back into society with some hope. In America, we just throw people away, and put a terrible brand on them for the rest of their lives. As you know, I am a felon, and I cannot practice in the profession I was once licensed in ever again, nor can I find housing, and so on. Atheist Europe seems to show far more compassion than the United States.

          As a liberal (more or less), I detest the fact that our we have so many people in prison; that cops go around shooting people with impunity (and look like they’re dressed for a war zone); that there is anyone at all on the street in the richest country in the world.

          To be honest, I’m sure there are a lot of people on the Right who would want these things too, but their minds have been poisoned by the likes of rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and a slew of others. These people profit by our division, and they tow the heartless, corporate line.

          When you watch how prison is run in Norway, you conclude that our system could never be like that for a number of factors. But how un American of you! So defeatist. For all the things we strive to be, it is never to be the most compassionate, or fair. It is never to be the country which imprisons the least nor the country which treats its prisoners better than anywhere else. In fact we do the opposite, and there are so many people who wish conditions in prison were even more brutal. Nevertheless, at the end of WWII, such a thing wouldn’t have been off the table. At that time, the world looked up to America. The America soldier was seen as a beacon of hope, and one who set an example worth following. America police officers didn’t look too different than postal workers except for a gun on the hip. We didn’t have more people in prison than anywhere else in the world, and our politics were so horribly divided. the streets of large downtown areas were not crowded with beggars. The NRA was not prominent in politics. So much has changed, and a lot of it for the worse.

  • Daniel, I’ve found your posts interesting in regard to the Avery case. This post, however, paints you as an ignorant reactionary. If such an ACC existed and held the power you claim, there would be much less corruption and lawlessness. Your assertions of what Christians believe are not accurate. Seems pointless to engage with you given since you do not appear to have an open mind. I will take the path of least resistence and unsubscribe from your blog. Again, I do appreciate your past posts regarding the Avery cas.

    • Funny you don’t bother to mention what isn’t accurate. I grew up in this culture and know it like the back of my hand. Trump has the support of the Christian Right. This is the same bunch who will also be voting for Roy Moore. It’s time that people begin to fully understand what we’re dealing with, and the exact dimensions of the worldview and mindset. I will say that not every belief is necessarily held by every single ACC, but some, and often all of them are embraced.

      I should mention that I am fully well aware that this will not be a popular post, just as all of my posts speaking out against Kathleen Zellner were not very popular. I do it out of a sense of duty. There is nothing else that I can do but warn people and then hope that things will eventually change for the better even though things have only gotten progressively worse from about the time of Ronald Reagan onward.

      • Most Norwegians are registered at baptism as members of the Church of Norway which used to be the official state religion. The constitution still requires that the reigning monarch must be Lutheran and that the country’s values are based on its Christian and humanist heritage. Many remain in the church to participate in the community and practices such as baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial rites. About 71.5% of Norwegians were members of the Church of Norway in 2016. In 2016, about 55.3% of all newborns were baptised and about 60.0% of all 15-year-old persons were confirmed in the church.[181]