Blood Redemption: What The Avery’s Might Know That Could Help Free Steven and Brendan

The blood evidence in the Toyota RAV4 was probably the single most important piece of forensic evidence tying Steven Avery to Teresa Halbach’s murder.  Indeed an unhealed cut on the outside surface of Steven Avery’s right middle finger was discovered when his body was subjected to close examination after his arrest on November 9th, 2005, four days after the discovery […]

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Test Your Murder IQ

Concerning murder, have you ever thought about any of the following questions? When is it murder-o’clock—the time of day when most murders occur? What is the most common motive for murder? What percent of murders involve alcohol consumption? What is the most common method used to murder someone? What percent of murderers are premeditated? What are your chances of being […]

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Strike A Blow

There is really no point in being all that concerned with the plight of Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery without taking an interest in the larger of issue of criminal justice reform within the United States.  What victory would it be, after all, if they are exonerated, if we know that the corruption which resulted in their wrongful convictions remains […]

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