Did Ryan Hillegas Go Fishing 10/31/2005?

If Ryan Hillegas killed Teresa Halbach, there is no way he burned her body, and dumped her ashes and bone fragments in the back of Steven Avery’s house.  There is nothing about Teresa’s bones which make any sense at all whether you believe Steven Avery killed Teresa Halbach, or whether you believe it was someone else.  What it actually looks […]

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Teresa Halbach’s Outer Circle

Over the past few days I’ve set my mind to thinking about the implications of Ryan Hillegas’ guilt with respect to the reactions of Teresa Halbach’s family members.  This previous post really goes into detail, but if you don’t want to read all of it, the gist of that speculation has to do with whether Ryan Hillegas is known by […]

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Teresa’s Inner Circle

This is a follow up on my last post, after I got to thinking about it some more.  The first observation that I’ll make is how stunning it is that none of the people that know Ryan Hillegas, or knew him at the time of Teresa Halbach’s murder have stepped forward publicly to either defend or implicate him. We do […]

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